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Startup Digest Zurich - Issue #52

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Startup Digest Zurich

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Good morning, Zurich startups and entrepreneurs! 
A16Z is no longer building a venture capital firm; it is building a new type of company with a thick management layer that helps support its multiple portfolio companies with marketing, legal, lobbying, and technical resources. It’s no longer venture capital; it’s a venture corporation.
Read more: Andreessen Pulls a Bezos: Cheap money and power-law profits are killing venture funds and birthing venture firms.
This week in Zurich the Digital Festival is Switzerland’s place to meet! A highly relevant community of digital leaders, digital aficionados and innovators driven by curiosity, openness and a doer mentality. The Festival unites hackers, managers, scientists, programmers or CEOs. Over the course of four days, hierarchies, functions and industries are combined in one place to build bridges and guide Switzerland’s interdisciplinary and future-oriented community.
Digital Festival leads directly into Hack Zurich. The largest and most renowned hackathon in Europe!
See you out there!
Interesting Reads
“I made it this far,” he said, ”and my board agreed they’d bet on me to take it to scale. I’m going to double my headcount in the next 3 quarters. The problem is where’s the playbook? There were plenty of books for what to do as a startup, and lots of advice of what to do if I was running a large public company, but there’s nothing that describes how to deal with the issues of growing a company. I feel like I’ve just driving without a roadmap. What should I be reading/doing?”
I explained to Patrick that startups go through a series of steps before they become a large company.

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