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Startup Digest Zurich - Issue #50

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Startup Digest Zurich

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Good morning, Zurich startups and entrepreneurs!
Chris McCann published a long form essay on the topic of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure and how this new infrastructure is enabling 10x the speed of innovation in the world of fintech driven applications. 
Essay includes a market map + architectural diagrams to get a better sense of how these new DeFi apps are constructed from a technical perspective. 
Great overview and details on how DeFi is redefining the future of finance.
Have a great week, and stay well!
Interesting Reads
Today, as large organizations are facing continuous disruption, they’ve recognized that their existing strategy and organizational structures aren’t nimble enough to access and mobilize the innovative talent and technology they need to meet these challenges. These organizations know they need to change but often the result has been a form of organizational Whack-A-Mole– a futile attempt at trying to swat every problem as they pop-up without understanding their root cause.
Ultimately, companies and government agencies need to stop doing this or they will fail.
We can build a mindset, culture and process to fix this – what I call an Innovation Doctrine. But first we need to step back and recognize one of the problems.
The challenge for senior leaders is: How do they prepare to see an inflection point coming—so they don’t need to make a last-second turn? And how do they bring the organization along into the post-inflection point world?
When people protect themselves from embarrassment and other possible threats by remaining silent, the team doesn’t engage in collective learning behaviors and that results in poor team performance and inability to innovate.
What Is Psychologically Safety and Why Does Helps Teams Perform Better?

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