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Startup Digest Zurich - Issue #42

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Startup Digest Zurich

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Good morning, Zurich startups and entrepreneurs!
What entrepreneurs can learn from children:
Experiment, validate, learn — all day long. Agile minds, curious and always developing. Hustling, sharing, requesting feedback. Learning to walk by learning to fall.
Listening to others, adjusting to customers and investors (parents) needs, always believing in themselves and their vision. Solicit a ton of advice and then actively ignore most of it. 
With the desire to grow, not pleasing everybody, making experiences, learning from mistakes, passion in everything they do, building a character, finding their unique place!
To all the Entrepreneurs and Startups: learn from the best. Learn from our children!
Don’t wait, your time is now!
Interesting Reads
Selling an innovation to enterprise customers (business-to-business or B2B sales) is one of the toughest nuts for startup founders to crack.
Keep in mind this unicorn outcome percentage (less than 5%) is from investors who have more knowledge than you, make their living picking startups to bet on, and typically get to make about 20 different startup investments every 2-3 years. You, on the other hand, only get one shot at a time. So if you want to pick a winner, you’d better be a damn good picker. Much better than your average VC.
I knew I was the only poor person at my tech startup because everyone’s hobby talk was incomprehensible to me. Sailing. Indoor rock climbing. Building robots. Golfing. Sourcing and collecting antiquities. Adult soccer leagues. All I heard was money. Money. Money.
The good news is that your fierceness will be a great help in solving difficult problems. The bad news is that if it’s not exercised, your fierceness will turn to bitterness, and you will become an intellectual playground bully: the grumpy sysadmin, the forum troll, the hater, the shooter down of new ideas.

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