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Startup Digest Zurich - Issue #39

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Startup Digest Zurich

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Good morning, Zurich startups and entrepreneurs!
Are you exhausted? If you’re a parent, you’re coming out of two-week period with the kids at home with nothing to do, unable to sit through a Zoom call. Concentration will be difficult at times, even without a noisy living space. Feeling a lack of focus? Get outside, get some exercises, or just sit and take a look around.
Some of you may feel like you have energy and time to spare — more power to you. Spend it wisely. Listen to your body and take breaks. Focus on something else. The further away from work-life those breaks are, the better. With your time well-planned and managed, you’ll get closer to your goals sooner, rather than later.
Have a great week, and stay well!
Interesting Reads
When making a decision, you’ll likely have some intuition about the potential outcome. You’ll have to decide whether or not to gather data to guide your decision-making. Those are the two possible starting points: either you gather data or you don’t. And then there are two outcomes: either you’re right or you’re wrong.
Early Adopters are ideally already seeking a solution to the problem you are attempting to solve with your new product or service. But what if they aren’t?
Many teams I advise, both in startups and corporations, are faced with this dilemma early on. New product development always has a high degree of uncertainty, but you shouldn’t let that uncertainty paralyze you. Instead, visualize finding you customers as push versus pull.
April 7th, 2021 marks a date our team won’t forget so quickly: After weeks of preparation, we launched Angle Audio on Product Hunt — and everything changed.

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