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Startup Digest Zurich - Issue #37

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Startup Digest Zurich

The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Zurich.

Good morning, Zurich startups and entrepreneurs!
If you have children, this week’s school holiday means you’ll get to spend more time with them — at least the terraces and sport facilities opened up again. No plans on what to do with the little scamps? Why not give them a role in your startup? Who better to suss out the usability of a design than young children? Start them on a task that can be performed with your product and see how they do. Get them to review your microcopy for clarity. Sit them down with clients to get to the core of what they’re trying to achieve — kids love asking why!
Have a great week, and stay well!
Interesting Reads
Artificial intelligence technology is promising, but it’s not a magic potion. Oh well.
Kickstart Innovation, one of Europe’s leading, zero-equity, open innovation platforms based in Zurich, is currently launching its sixth program, and welcoming applications from businesses across the world. The application period is from April 15 to May 17.
Zurich is no Shanghai, LA, or Boston (yet!), but it is coming. Underneath its polished veneer of banking and high society, the city is brimming with talent, innovative spinoffs, investors, and a growing number of entrepreneurial oriented ventures and incubators… along with all of the obvious perks of the city itself. And although we are still waiting on the first big Swiss unicorns to emerge onto the scene and take the world by storm, they are coming, and Zurich is at the eye of the storm.

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