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Startup Digest Zurich - Issue #35

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Startup Digest Zurich

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Good morning, Zurich startups and entrepreneurs! 
Here we are in another work-from-home / remote / isolation / some-sort-of-lockdown week. It’s been tough. Some of you have been feeling isolated, many have been unable to see extended family, a few may have lost friends and loved ones. Concentration and focus might seem in short supply these days. Get outside and walk, rain or shine. Exercise if you can. Take up a new hobby with friends. Most of all, try to cut yourself some slack on the quantity and quality of work you’re undergoing. Whatever the work, it takes second place to your mental health.
Have a great week, and stay negative!
Interesting Reads
A memo from 2014 by Mark Zuckerberg to his team on how the Facebook Messenger ecosystem will evolve and monetize through payments and ads.
As anyone knows, the Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal for just over 6 days. It blocked a route that normally carried ~10% of the world’s trade. More importantly (at least for this post), it also generated more than 10% of the world’s memes. This website received over 50M views and the founder talks about all of the lousy options he had for monetization. 
Moderna’s MRNA vaccine researchers open sourced the MRNA and put on Github.
F10 Investment AG invests in six promising FinTech & InsurTech startups In its second investment round, the F10 Investment AG chose six high potential FinTech & InsurTech startups from the latest F10 Incubation Program cohort in Zurich.
In 2020, Zurich became more attractive to start-up founders. As recently revealed by the Startup Heatmap Europe Report, which ranks the most popular start-up locations in Europe, Zurich has jumped six places to take 8th position.

Agile People Manifesto - Kapitel "Culture, Connection, Humanity"
Zurich Entrepreneur morning Zoom meeting
OKRs & Pay - What will we reward in the future?
Jobs-to-be-done in the kitchen: From technology to customer focus
Swiss Startups Club Founder Meeting
Pie & AI Suisse - Radical health interventions using conversational agents
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