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Check out past issues of the newsletter along with more interesting crypto content as well as short (

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April 18 · Issue #162 · View online
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Check out past issues of the newsletter along with more interesting crypto content as well as short (but great) conversations with leading crypto industry participants at our newly-launched website

In the inaugural episode of the Satoshi&Co Podcast, we host Thomas Pacchia of HODL Capital. We discuss Thomas’ background and his journey from law to crypto. Thomas talks about his favourite crypto projects, especially Bitcoin and the lightning network. We also talk about privacy coins and their importance and the crypto ecosystem in Asia. The summary of the podcast can be found below. We also recommend that you listen to our entire recording here.
How are Institutional Investors Looking at Bitcoin Now versus Two Years Ago. The 2017 ICO bubble showed us that the market was looking for the next Bitcoin or a better Bitcoin. This enabled scamsters to leverage the FOMO that was being generated among retail investors and make fortunes for themselves. Institutional investors were reluctant to invest in that bubble and the reluctance increased post the ICO bubble crash. Family offices now are looking at the market closely and they are seeing extreme volatility, low liquidity and a paucity of quality market access options for buying cryptocurrencies. Investors are looking more at the price charts and less at underlying adoption curves, which actually paint a positive outlooks for the future of Bitcoin.
Funding Status of Bitcoin Core Development. The Bitcoin ecosystem is a victim of the free rider problem. The biggest users and beneficiaries of Bitcoin such as miners, exchanges, crypto funds, and merchants are not contributing anywhere close to what they should be because Bitcoin can be used free of cost. This could justify including a Founder’s reward in the protocol to maintain the system and fund future development.
Lightning Network. We are still in the early days of Lightning Network, both in terms of technology and its adoption. It’s growing at breakneck pace; more people are starting to open more nodes and the initial use cases look very promising and provide the initial proof of concept for Lightning.
Moving onto our regular section of the newsletter…
As we are witnessing the green shoots of a turn around in market sentiment, we wanted to present our readers with some market-related commentary over what we can expect from here onwards. The general consensus is that we are finally getting out of the crypto winter and the cumulative effect of all the positive announcements and news has not been fully captured yet. Binance research recently provided a neat summary of all the positive news flow, which includes growing institutional interest and more supportive regulatory updates.
Source: Binance Research
Source: Binance Research
The recent rally in prices was predominantly driven by Chinese investors in response to the devaluation of Chinese renminbi. To counteract the metered and predetermined supply inflation of cryptocurrencies, there has to be a sustained inflow of new money into the space, with estimates pegging that value at almost $3.3 Billion dollars for Bitcoin. Short pullbacks can be expected in the short term, but the overall trajectory looks upwards and the current prices look favourable for accumulation. Check out our recent post on various technical analysis perspectives 
Meanwhile in Crypto Wonderland....
“ Raises $64 Million”
The crypto exchange has recently raised $64 million in trading fees by selling the native tokens for its upcoming blockchain. The sale went for seven days and the digital currency can only be used once launches its proprietary blockchain. The Malta-registered digital asset exchange first announced the sale on April 1, in which it specified that it was going to list 300 million Gatechain Tokens for sale. The exchange also outlined that it is aiming to launch the mainnet of the exchange’s proprietary blockchain – Gatechain – in Q4 2019.
“Monex to Venture Into Crypto Trading ”
Japanese online brokerage Monex Group considers adding digital assets to the range of tradable instruments available for retail customers. The company aims to launch the cryptocurrency offer in collaboration with the recently acquired cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which obtained the license from the Japanese financial watchdog in January. Despite a series of large hack attacks, Japan is still one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency trading markets. While the FSA has tightened its approach, but it is still willing to accommodate the industry.
“CMC Now Available on IOS and Android Apps”
CoinMarketCap, one of the leading cryptocurrency data information platforms launched its mobile app for Android and iOS users yesterday. The mobile app will make it easier for users to track prices, trading volumes, and the activity of over 2,000 cryptocurrencies. The CMC app allows users to get accurate data, alerts, conversions, tools and more all within the same app. It is available to download for both Android and iOS mobile device users. The platform added that the mobile app is essential for those who invest or trade digital currencies as it enables them to track over 16,000 cryptocurrency markets.
“Gemini Wallets Now Offer SegWit Support”
Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets have been in the news multiple times of late due to crucial updates or news about them delisting certain cryptocurrencies because of issues within the community. In terms of developments, Gemini, the Winklevoss brothers-founded cryptocurrency exchange, was in the news when the company’s cryptocurrency wallet was upgraded with the full support of SegWit. The organization stated that the decision to upgrade to SegWit was made after much deliberation because the upgrades that came following it would be dependent on it.
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Compare that to U.S. stocks

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Brought to you by Satoshi&Co
Brought to you by Satoshi&Co
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