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Bitcoin. All Quiet On The Volatility Front

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March 6 · Issue #136 · View online
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Bitcoin’s volatility is trending downwards again! Bitcoin has been known for its unpredictable wild price swings, but is once again showing signs of price stability as it has largely remained in a sideways market since the last major price downturn in Nov-2018. The falling volatility represents a challenge for exchanges as trading volumes come down quickly and that drives volatility down further, absent any external stimulus to drive volatility back up again.
Bitcoin’s volatility has been on a persistent downward trend since the beginning of 2018 and reached its lowest level for 2018 in Oct-18. The most recent levels of volatility have been the lowest since May-17, which is just about when Bitcoin started its mega bull run that culminated with the price reaching almost $20k in Jan-18. On a positive note, with volatility slowing edging towards historical lows, we can expect long-term investors to deploy some of their dry powder into the market again.
Meanwhile in Crypto Wonderland....
“Regulated Platform For Token Sales”
Israel’s market regulator on Wednesday recommended creating a platform to trade cryptocurrencies under enhanced regulation, which would allow companies to raise money by issuing digital tokens to investors. The recommendation came from a committee at the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) that studied the sector for nearly two years. The number of companies traded and the amount of money raised in Tel Aviv has fallen from a decade ago, and the ISA has been looking for ways to attract new investors and boost initial public offerings.
“Crypto Wallet in a SIM Tray”
United States startup VaultTel has introduced a hardware cryptocurrency wallet designed to fit in a mobile phone SIM card tray, a press release from the company reveals on March 6. The solution reportedly combines a mobile application and a hardware chip, dubbed the VaultTel Card. The crypto storage solution will be sold in the U.S. starting today and will “immediately expand” to European countries via VaultTel’s United Kingdom subsidiary. To store funds, customers can either insert the VaultTel Card inside an unused SIM card tray — in the case of dual SIM capacity — or connect the chip to their phone via an accessory, such as a dongle. The corresponding mobile app will then let users interface with their stored funds.
“Crypto-friendly Web Browser”
Shortly after launching on Android, Opera has announced plans to roll out its cryptocurrency-oriented browser to iOS. This means that you’ll soon be able to use the app on your iPhone and iPad devices. The so-called Opera Touch will be specifically designed for surfing the decentralized web (more commonly known as Web 3.0) and interacting with apps on the Etheruem network. The launch timeline is not yet clear, but the company says you can already sign up for a chance to become an early tester.
“Tippin Gaining Traction”, an independent project developing a simple browser extension and web custodial wallet to receive and manage Bitcoin (BTC) through the Lightning Network, reportedly has over 14,000 sign ups since launching 3 months ago. According to research by crypto analyst Kevin Rooke that was confirmed by Tippin creator Sergio Abril, the app has seen some notable growth and adoption. A fair amount of this growth is likely due to the apps recent overlay integration with Twitter (TWTR) via a Chrome extension that allows users to send and receive small bitcoin tips directly on the platform. Chrome Store data shows 3,746 users have installed the extension.

Crypto Twitter Pick
Arjun Balaji
You cannot separate thinking of public blockchains as purely technical systems v. economic institutions.

Their long-term sustainability and security models are factors of price (which in turn are factors of value accretion and incentive design).
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Brought to you by Satoshi&Co
Brought to you by Satoshi&Co
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