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ZombieZoo Roadmap Updates!!

Emi (Zoo Mom)
Emi (Zoo Mom)
Hi Zoo gang! Thank you for being patient. Roadmap update!!!
I will tell you about the future prospects and roadmap updates. I’m not good at English, so if you have any questions, please ask.
Fortunately, Zombie Zoo has become the most well-known NFT case in Japan. And even overseas, there are huge supporters such as the $FWB (Dao) community and biggest fan like Steve Aoki. It will show the high potential of this collection.
As a mom of artist, I want to create an ecosystem that he doesn’t have to focus too much about NFTs sell. The most important thing is to keep his writer’s activities fun. So, I will continue to work energetically with the aim of developing IP business such a goods or even animation. I will make a effort of doing everything is about moving towards increasing the value of original collection.

1: About the Zombie Zoo gen-1 collection.
We will continue to upload randomly when he wants to draw. At first, I wanted to limit the number, but my son didn’t have the word roadmap in his head. The moment he gets his inspiration, I will mint the pieces.
However, in order not to reduce the value of the work, we will not sell it at a discounted price, but will airdrop it to top holders and community management members.
Let me sweep the floor and raise the floor price. AirDrop will announce which work to whom later.
Next, let me write about the new collections.
2-Monster Museum Collection (Draft Title):
There is a collection of monster paintings he is crazy about right now. This is limited to 20 to 100 pieces, and will be announced in a full-on-chain using smart contracts. The platform hasn’t been decided, but it’s probably after December.
3- About Zombies-Metaverse:
Several companies, including Conata (, are preparing. This will also be available for sale after February. This will also be announced using a unique contract ina full-on-chain.
Other announcements…:
An exhibition has been decided in Japan from February 15-22. I hope we can meet together in Japan if any of you gang coming!
Besides that, there are a lot of collaborations with the outside that we haven’t announced yet. We will keep updating this community. This discord has become quiet because my mom was not good at…, but I’m relieved that you’re still here. Please beyour best friend with your zombies you have.
ZZK become 9 years old on 23rd! please say happy birthday to him on discord or twitter! :)
Love Mom
幸運なことに、Zombie Zooは日本国内では、もっとも知られたNFTの事例となりました。そして、国外でもFWB(Dao)のコミュニティや、Steve Aokiなど巨大な応援者がいて、とてもポテンシャルの高いコレクションだと思います。
アーティストと親として、彼のNFTが売れる売れないということに集中しすぎない仕組み作りを勤めたいと思います。一番大切なことは、彼の作家活動がたのしくあり続けることです。なので、今後はIP事業、アニメ化などの展開を目指して、ママは精力的に営業していきます。すべては、ZZ gen 1コレクションの価値を上げることにむかって動くということです。
1:Zombie Zoo gen-1のコレクションついて。
2- モンスターミュージアムコレクション(仮):
3- ゾンビーズーメタバースについて:
Conata (をはじめとする数社で準備をしています。こちらも売ることができるのが2月以降となります。こちらもフルオンチェーンで独自コントラクトを使って発表します。
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Emi (Zoo Mom)
Emi (Zoo Mom) @zombiezooart

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