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ZIO News - Issue #29

In this talk, DevInsideYou will introduce the ZIO.access and ZIO.accessM patterns.


ZIO News - Issue #28

DavInsideYou: "In this video, we will start implementing our own version of ZIO in order to implement a hello world ZIO application. This video focuses on the third parameter slot (the success channel) of ZIO."


ZIO News - Issue #27

It's been a while, but we are back with the latest issue of the ZIO newsletter! 😎 🙌This edition celebrates fantastic news about the release of Caliban 1.0. Big congratulations to Pierre Ricadat & contributors! 🥳This issue is also full of Zymposium videos …


ZIO News - Issue #26

This special issue is dedicated almost entirely to ZIO World! Most of the videos from this special, one-day event have been released on YouTube, and are now available for your viewing pleasure.In addition, we have collected news about releases in the ZIO ecos…


ZIO News - Issue #25

zio-json 0.1 featuring Scala.js supportCaliban release v0.9.5 with: better control over query parallelism, helpers for building schemas manually, introspection wrappers, sttp 3.x in caliban-client, and other improvements and bug fixes


ZIO News - Issue #24

ZIO TLS HTTP: Lightweight Scala TLS HTTP 1.1 Web Server based on ZIO async fibers and Java NIO socketsCaliban: Functional GraphQLZIO Config


ZIO News - Issue #23

We are in the middle of the ZIO Hackathon and we are seeing a huge number of pull requests in various projects. A lot of progress is being made on zio-sql, zio-web, zio-prelude, etc. Keep on eye on future releases coming!zio-tls-http is a 100% non-blocking, J…


ZIO News - Issue #22

No major releases in ZIO but 2 minor releases happened in the last month: 1.0.2 and 1.0.3. They mostly contain bug fixes and usability improvements and are binary compatible with 1.0.0 with a couple exceptions in ZStream.


ZIO News - Issue #21

ZIO being pretty stable, some libraries from the ecosystem are now getting more attention. In particular, libraries that saw significant contributions in the last month are zio-prelude, zio-redis, zio-sql, zio-json and zio-web. Check these out if you're looki…


ZIO News - Issue #20

Since the big 1.0 release, there was a minor 1.0.1 release that mostly fixes bugs. It is recommended to upgrade especially if you use zio Schedule (or a library that relies on it like zio-kafka) as it fixes a few important bugs. This release is entirely binar…


ZIO News - Special Issue 1.0.0

This is a special issue to announce the release of ZIO 1.0.0! The long awaited first official release is finally there.More than 300 people contributed to this effort and a lot more users gave feedback as well. As you can see in the release notes, binary comp…


ZIO News - Issue #18

There was no major release of ZIO apart from 2 binary-compatible releases (RC21-1 and RC21-2) that fixed issues found in RC21. A few other bugs have been fixed and #3926 is potentially the last issue to figure out before 1.0 can be released. The Mima plugin h…


ZIO News - Issue #17

ZIO 1.0.0-RC21 was released last weekend, bringing the long-awaited changes of the supervision model that were considered the last thing missing to publish version 1.0. From this point, no significant API changes are expected and efforts will be focused on fi…


ZIO News - Issue #16

The "Task Force ZIO" at Scalac published 2 interop libraries to facilitate the usage of Akka-http and Slick with ZIO: say hello to zio-akka-http-interop and zio-slick-interop.You might be familiar with the excellent book "Functional and Reactive Domain Modeli…


ZIO News - Issue #15

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks! There was a brand new ZIO RC19 with a lot of things, quickly followed by binary-compatible RC19-1 and RC19-2 fixing a couple of broken things. And then a RC20 fixing an important number of bug in ZIO Streams.These relea…


ZIO News - Issue #14

The big release of the week is called ZQuery! If you're familiar with the GraphQL library Caliban, you may have already heard of it: ZQuery is a new data type designed for optimizing queries. Imagine you have a computation that contains multiple requests to a…


ZIO News - Issue #13

While waiting for ZIO 1.0.0, the biggest "release" of the last period might be the launch of Ziverge, a new company providing professional training, consulting, and support for the ZIO ecosystem. You'll recognize familiar faces since John De Goes, Itamar Ravi…


ZIO News - Issue #12

Nothing major during the last period 👀


ZIO News - Issue #11

There was no release of ZIO since last time. At this point, the only outstanding item for getting 1.0.0 out is this issue related to zipWithPar and auto-supervision.Another important release within the ecosystem was ZIO Config 1.0.0-RC14 which brings a lot of…


ZIO News - Issue #10

Since the last newsletter, a new version of ZIO, 1.0.0-RC18-2, was released to bring a few important bug fixes. In particular, this version fixes Runtime#unsafeRunToFuture so that it no longer interrupts itself. The default runtime was also changed to provide…