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ZIO News - Issue #34

ZIO News - Issue #34
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Welcome to ZIO News, your community-powered newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem.
The biggest news of this edition is that ZIO HTTP has been donated to the ZIO Organization. 🙏 Thanks to the amazing work of Tushar Mathur, Amit Singh, and the Dream 11 Engineering Team.
With the recent news of AKKA going closed source, we have witnessed the ZIO community pouring lots of resources into ZIO HTTP for a stable release.
Big thank you to Adam Fraser, John A. De Goes, Daniel Vigovszky, Bill Frasure, Scott Weaver, Adrian Filip, Gabriel Ciuloaica, and others.
What else are we going to do now when AKKA moved closed source?
Migrate to ZIO!
We have prepared with a 50-page whitepaper on Safe Migration From Akka to ZIO. This Ebook is a hands-on, useful launching point for the contemplation of migration from Akka to ZIO and its eventual execution.
Additionally, kudos to Pierre Ricadat and his team for open-sourcing replacement for Akka cluster sharding: shardcake!
Shardcake is a Scala open-source library that makes it easy to distribute entities across multiple servers and interact with those entities using their ID without knowing their actual location.
It exposes a purely functional API and depends heavily on ZIO Ecosystem.

Major Releases
Release 2.0.2 · zio/zio · GitHub
Release v2.0.0-RC11 - ZIO 2 Support · dream11/zio-http · GitHub
Upgrade to zio 2.0.1 by vic · Pull Request #271 · zio/interop-twitter · GitHub
Release v0.1.5 · zio/zio-cache · GitHub
Release v0.17.7 · zio/zio-kafka · GitHub
Regenerate CI · zio/zio-aws@85e8661 · GitHub
Release v4.4.0 · zio/zio-quill · GitHub
Release v2.0.9 · zio/zio-config · GitHub
Release 2.1.0 · zio/zio-logging · GitHub
ZIO Ecosystem
How to Migrate From Akka to ZIO?
caeus/zio-inspired-layer-based-DI.ts Secret
Blog Articles
Getting Started with Shardcake
Published Talks
Zymposium - From Akka to ZIO
Zymposium - From Akka to ZIO
In this episode, we’ll be starting our Akka to ZIO series looking at some of the core concepts in Akka and how we can model them with ZIO.
Zymposium - Rock the JVM
Zymposium - Rock the JVM
In this episode, we had a special guest - Daniel Ciocîrlan - Rock the JVM.
You will learn more about Daniel and how he approaches teaching in the new ZIO 2.0 course. Also, we are excited to get his feedback on what it was like for him to learn ZIO 2.0 - what he loves about it, and what could be improved.
Zymposium - ZIO Streams Part 1 (The Channel Type)
Zymposium - ZIO Streams Part 1 (The Channel Type)
Streams in ZIO 2.0 have the same API you are used to, but under the hood, they are now powered by channels. We’ll look at what channels are and how to use them to implement our own stream operators.
Zymposium - ZIO Streams Part 2  (Using Channels)
Zymposium - ZIO Streams Part 2 (Using Channels)
In this episode, we will continue our exploration of streams in ZIO 2.0 learning how to implement our own channel operators as well as stepping back and looking at higher-level stream operators.
Zymposium - ZIO Streams Part 3 (Streaming Sandwiches)
Zymposium - ZIO Streams Part 3 (Streaming Sandwiches)
In this episode we’re coming back to streams, looking at how we can use our new knowledge of channels to solve some real-world problems.
Zymposium - ZIO Streams - Final Part (Fan In/Fan Out)
Zymposium - ZIO Streams - Final Part (Fan In/Fan Out)
In this episode, we will be looking at concurrent operators that let us “fan out” and “fan in” streams. Let’s do this!
Real-world functional programming in Scala using ZIO - a tour by Yonas Ghidei
Real-world functional programming in Scala using ZIO - a tour by Yonas Ghidei
This talk is a tour of ZIO, a framework for building scalable, testable, resilient, and performant applications on the JVM.
Zymposium - ZIO Metrics
Zymposium - ZIO Metrics
In this episode, Andreas Gies will be joining us to talk about metrics. We’ll see how to define our metrics and how to link them to metrics backends!
ZIO Streams, Part 1: Essential Stream Components
ZIO Streams, Part 1: Essential Stream Components
This video dives into ZIO Streams, one of the libraries in the ZIO ecosystem that can deal with a potentially infinite sequence of data. We discuss what streams are, how they work, and the essential components of a ZIO stream, including how to connect them together to obtain ZIO effects.
ZIO Streams, Part 2: Error Handling
ZIO Streams, Part 2: Error Handling
This video dives deeper into ZIO Streams following the previous video. Now that we know essential ZIO Streams components, in this video we’re going to learn how to handle errors and defects, how to fallback to other streams, how to catch errors and how to find which pieces of data came from the original stream, and which came from fallbacks.
ZIO Streams, Part 3: A Bigger Example
ZIO Streams, Part 3: A Bigger Example
This video uses what we learned in the previous videos about ZIO Streams in Scala, and turns that skill into a bigger example: processing more-or-less fictitious blog posts in Markdown, with automatic tag capture, link creation and indexing for powerful search in a Markdown-based blog, all with native stream components.
Moving From Akka To ZIO: Experiences And Comparisons by Jan Ypma
Moving From Akka To ZIO: Experiences And Comparisons by Jan Ypma
In this case study, you will learn how Jan and his team migrated a Scala application from Akka Actors and Akka Streams to ZIO. Connected with Kafka, REST services, and exposing its own REST API, you will learn the decisions that his team made and the lessons they learned.
Attend the only event in 2022 held in a hybrid model both online and in person in the heart of one of the most vibrant Scala Communities - London. 🇬🇧
We are thrilled to announce that Scalac is now one of the sponsors of this fantastic conference.
PS. Functional Scala is filled with ZIO-related content.
Two full days of ZIO hacking! We will share and learn about ZIO and related projects, chat about functional programming & enjoy the great NYC in the evenings!
No prior background knowledge of ZIO is assumed. There will be plenty of knowledge-sharing sessions.
Note: Onsite tickets are limited to 50, make sure to get your spot quickly. If you are planning to attend online, the number of online participants is unlimited.
Over the course of the workshop, developers will get a chance to build their very own web app, following along with the instructor, and by the time the course ends, developers will have newfound confidence to build web apps with ZIO 2.0 according to industry best practices.
Note: Basic knowledge of ZIO is highly recommended.
🗓 Oct. 17th-19th, 7 hours a day starting at 09:00 London Time.
Exclusive 20% off for ZIO News Readers 🙌
From Twitter
Code Apprentice
shout out to @zivergetech @jdegoes for providing an alternative to Akka that isn't painful to use. I honestly won't miss Akka. Using the actor model at the application level is not a pleasant experience. The ZIO model is the future of commercial scala.
John A De Goes
Announcing the ZIO-powered replacement for Akka Cluster, architected by the brilliant mind that gave you Caliban, Scala's leading GraphQL solution.

It's a great time to be a ZIO developer! 🎉💪
Paul Snively
@kellogh Akka's loss is ZIO's gain, I would imagine.
Pierre Ricadat
Shardcake is a Scala open source library that makes it easy to distribute entities across multiple servers and interact with those entities using their ID without knowing their actual location.

It exposes a purely functional API and depends heavily on @zioscala ecosystem
Tushar Mathur
As the author and core maintainer of ZIO Http, I have decided to donate ZIO Http to the #ZIO Org. This strategic initiative is taken with the intent of building more trust and giving options to open source and enterprise users of #Scala.
John A De Goes
Earlier this year, at ZIO World 2022, I predicted this would be the year of ZIO HTTP, and now it's coming true!

NOTHING can prepare you for the force of nature that is ZIO HTTP.

It's about to blow away everything, proving the power & practicality of functional Scala. 🎉🎇

Russ White
@jdegoes @tusharmath @Dream11Engg @amitksingh1490 @zivergetech I have been watching the PRs pour in the past several days - it's been so cool to see! As a ZIO-HTTP user I am very grateful to all the folks working so hard on this already fantastic library.
John A De Goes
ZIO combines the ruthless pragmatism of Akka, with the functional programming power of Haskell, all powered by 100%, forever Apache 2 licensed open source.

Come check out our newly revamped documentation site with hundreds of pages of content:
Andreas Wagenmann
Loving the community! Right when Akka went away from open source, @ghostdogpr and team open sourced an alternative for distributed state sharding ( Big Kudos!
Carlos Eduardo
I think this thread from John summarizes that and I agree that OSS needs some machinery to secure the work of all involved while keeping up with the precepts of open.
Sheng-Loong Su
I received this swag today for participating in the last ZIO Hackathon. Thanks to @zivergetech for organizing the hackathon and mailing me the t-shirt! It was a lot of fun learning and hacking the #ZIO libraries and contributing to #opensource! #scala #fp
Dominik Dorn
so.. looks like #akka changed its license.. 2.6.20 is still fully apache2
new license starts with 2.7.x .. at least now I got a business case to migrate some services to #zio-http ^^
Olly Wickham
ZIO 2.0 is a massive improvement! After porting some ZIO 1 projects, many of the mistakes often seen in code reviews have gone! Early impressions are that ergonomics are improved considerably
John A De Goes
In the ZIO community, we are working to ensure every project that resides in the ZIO org will ALWAYS be licensed as OSS, without provision for relicensing.

Trust is the foundation of all open source, and we will never betray that trust.
Hivemind Technologies AG ☁️💾
3/4 Yes it's bad, but less so than if it had happened a few years ago. We now have some very good alternatives with #Zio and the #Typelevel stack that offer pure functional approaches with effects.
For that reason @hivemindag had already started migrating away from #Akka
Flavio Brasil
The best part of this process was seeing true OSS projects like ZIO, Cats, Quill, Monix, etc eclipsing all the Akka nonsense in the community. Sure, the community is a big garbage fire but the value of true OSS is still undeniable
ZIO is your best friend in FP. ZIO is a must-have for every Scala project. It really helps with DI, architecture and code. I guarantee that you will love it!
last week our team took the zio2-advanced workshop by @jdegoes, and it was so cool to look at him live coding, and talking about zio2 internals like ZChannel <3. We have an almost ready branch moving all our code from zio1 to zio2.

(PR included
My minimalistic implementation of Redis server with Scala 3, ZIO and STMs. @zioscala @scala_lang #ZIO #redis
Carlos Eduardo
Recently I've been learning new things in @scala_lang and started building a full stack app with latest tech.
Scala 3, Mill build tool, @zioscala 2 backend and @scala_js frontend.
To be in the cutting edge, I ran it on @risc_v, the @SiFive Unmatched and works perfectly!
Archie Tilbrook
I spent my Friday evening in what felt like a ZIO matrix thanks to @zivergetech, @adamfraser & @kitlangton 😆🍿

People invest their time into me, the least I can do is invest my time into their world 😎

If ZIO's your thing, then I can't recommend these enough 🚀

#ZIO #Scala
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