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ZIO News - Issue #33
By ZIO News • Issue #33 • View online
Welcome to ZIO News, your community-powered newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem.
The last newsletter celebrated the release of ZIO 2.0. and the ecosystem libraries were in the process of migrating to ZIO 2.0. 🚀
Guess what?
The majority of the libraries now support ZIO 2.0 and the ZIO environment is more mature than ever! 💪
Let’s dive in!

Major Releases
Release v2.0.0 · ghostdogpr/caliban · GitHub
Releases · dream11/zio-http · GitHub
Release v3.0.0 · zio/zio-config · GitHub
Release 2.0.0 · zio/zio-logging · GitHub
Release 0.3.0-RC9 · zio/zio-json · GitHub
Release v1.0.0-RC15 · zio/zio-prelude · GitHub
Release v1.0.2 · softwaremill/tapir · GitHub
Release v4.0.0 · gaelrenoux/tranzactio · GitHub
Release v3.7.1 · softwaremill/sttp · GitHub
Release v0.1.4 · zio/zio-cache · GitHub
Release Support ZIO 2.0 Final · zio/zio-cli · GitHub
Release v2.0.0 · zio/zio-kafka · GitHub
Release v2.0.0 · zio/zio-nio · GitHub
ZIO 2.0.0 final · zio/zio-parser@03dd6e5 · GitHub
Release 0.3.0 · zio/zio-query · GitHub
Release v0.4.0 · zio/zio-s3 · GitHub
GitHub - coralogix/zio-k8s: An idiomatic ZIO client for the Kubernetes API.
GitHub - scalapb/zio-grpc: ScalaPB meets ZIO: write purely functional gRPC services and clients using ZIO
zio/zio-aws · GitHub
ZIO Ecosystem
Blog Articles
ZIO Kafka with transactions - a debugging story
ZPure and scaling back ZIO: ZIO World 2022
Published Talks
Zymposium - Derivable Differs
Zymposium - Derivable Differs
Adam and Kit built a generic Diff-ing library from scratch. We’ll then use it to support Json diffing, and possibly even extend it to derive any old custom ADT with compile-time derivation using Magnolia.
Zymposium - ZIO Runtime Configuration
Zymposium - ZIO Runtime Configuration
That week we were looking at how we can customize the ZIO runtime. You can see how easy ZIO 2 makes it for us to add features such as logging, metrics, and monitoring with layers!
Zymposium - ZIO Schedule
Zymposium - ZIO Schedule
We learned about ZIO’s Schedule data type for describing composable retry and repetition strategies. Come join us!
Zymposium - Idiomatic ZIO App Architecture
Zymposium - Idiomatic ZIO App Architecture
Adam and Kit discussed how to use ZLayers to organize your application, making it easy (and joyful!) to extend and refactor your app without it devolving into a spaghetti mess.
Zymposium - Sharing Expensive Services Across Specs
Zymposium - Sharing Expensive Services Across Specs
Tired of waiting on slow Service/Layer construction in your tests?
Want to re-use your dependencies as much as possible?
Join us as we explore the different levels of Layer sharing allowed by ZIO test!
Zymposium - ZIO Test Containers
Zymposium - ZIO Test Containers
Scott Weaver joined us to talk about Testcontainers for ZIO, a library that makes it easy to use test containers with ZIO!
Zymposium - ZIO- API - DSL
Zymposium - ZIO- API - DSL
Adam and Kit explored zio-api, a new declarative DSL for describing API endpoints and generating servers, clients, and docs. You’ll learn how it works in-depth by creating a simplified version of the library from scratch.
Programación Funcional 101 con Scala y ZIO 2.0
Programación Funcional 101 con Scala y ZIO 2.0
Thanks to this presentation, you will know how to use ZIO 2.0 to create real-world applications that use all the power of functional programming. (only in Spanish)
Attend the only event in 2022 held in a hybrid model both online and in person in the heart of one of the most vibrant Scala Communities - London. 🇬🇧
This edition is going to be the largest Functional Scala of all time! We are thrilled to create it with our wonderful sponsors: UMATR, Coralogix, Conduktor, Matechs & Ziverge.
Speak! We are still soliciting proposals for speaking at Functional Scala 2022, covering all areas of the Scala language, tools, libraries, and paradigms - if you’d like to become a speaker, submit your proposal and share the stage with Wiem Zine Elabidine (keynote), Flavio Brasil (keynote), Adam Warski (keynote), John A. De Goes (keynote), Tushar Mathur, Aleksander Ioffe, Roksolana Diachuk, Kit Langton & Adam Fraser.
Attend in person, or online from anywhere in the world, and be a part of our amazing conference today. 🚀
PS. Functional Scala is filled with ZIO-related content.
Two full days of ZIO hacking! We will share and learn about ZIO and related projects, chat about functional programming & enjoy the great NYC in the evenings!
Note: No prior background knowledge of ZIO is assumed. There will be plenty of knowledge-sharing sessions.
Attend in person in New York or join virtually from anywhere in the world for FREE.
Grab your free ticket and register here 🎟
In this course, you will explore the edges and corners of the ZIO 2.0 library, taking a close look at the fine-grained interruption, custom concurrency structures (including hubs, pools, reloadable layers, and more), streams powered by the new channel-based model, application configuring and tuning, and metrics and monitoring. 🧑‍💻
Note: Working knowledge of ZIO is required.
When? Three days, 7 hours a day starting at 09:00 London Time, until 16:00 London Time. [24-26 Aug 2022] 🗓
Exclusive 20% off for ZIO News Readers 🙌
In this course, developers will use ZIO 2.0 and best-in-breed libraries (including ZIO Config, ZIO HTTP, ZIO Logging, ZIO JDBC, and ZIO Metrics) to rapidly construct scalable web applications; easy to test, refactor, and maintain; and which never leak resources or deadlock.
Note: Basic knowledge of ZIO is highly recommended.
When? Sep 13-15, 7 hours a day starting at 09:00 London Time, until 16:00 London Time.
Exclusive 20% off for ZIO News Readers 🙌
In this course, developers will build upon their knowledge of functional design by looking at a variety of techniques as they build a state-of-the-art rule engine. Type-safe, compositional, and persistable, developers will graduate with a project that demonstrates the very best of and the farthest possible extents of functional design techniques in the Scala programming language. 🧑‍💻
Note: To make sense of this course, first attending Introduction to Functional Design is highly recommended.
When? Sep 26-28, three days, 7 hours a day starting at 09:00 London Time, until 16:00 London Time.
Exclusive 20% off for ZIO News Readers 🙌
ZIO Community
Jules Ivanic
There's a massive effort made by the ZIO libs maintainers to update everything to ZIO2

Almost everything has been updated already

Quite impressive!
Congrats and thanks, mates!

Join the ZIO Discord to witness this and participate in the community: https://t.co/Xk4GrOaVmc
Vlad Podilnyk
@rtarasovs @jdegoes I think this tweet says it all https://t.co/yoX4WxIvwa

IMO, ZIO solves business problems and makes FP in Scala appealing to newcomers, lowering an entry bar.
The truth is only a few people want to know about monadic laws and other CT bullshit, others just wanna solve problems
John A De Goes
ZIO has innovation, technology, marketing momentum, and commercial backing.

If you dabbled with contributing OSS libraries to another ecosystem but have 2nd thoughts now, I'll personally work with you on bringing your library to the ZIO ecosystem and promoting it! https://t.co/aQsrqgi6w6
ZIO on Twitter
Dominik Dorn
Second service migrated to @zioscala 2.0 ... ❤️ the improvements made!! Way easier DI (.provide() ftw!), integrated logging, no more ZEnv and tests with shared layers are super fast now (5 sec instead of 30sec for all ~1500 of them in this service)
Alexander Ioffe
Quill and ProtoQuill 4.2.0 is out supporting the idiomatic ZIO Module Pattern 2.0 for both JDBC and Cassandra... as well as various fixes. Also the `infix` interpolator has been deprecated and replaced with `sql`. https://t.co/KLeWjIuLdt
John A De Goes
ZIO 2 performance for running effects synchronously ('unsafeRun') is neither a gimmick nor a benchmark micro-optimization, but the result of heavy investment into optimizing performance-critical interop and fine-grained blocking code.

Read more below! 👇

John A De Goes
There is no reason there have to be any "losers" in the functional Scala OSS ecosystem. We can ALL win, but sometimes that requires changing strategies and working with those who will help you succeed.

Want to win? Come work with the ZIO ecosystem, we'll make that happen! 💪
Tushar Mathur
One of the most underrated features of @zioscala are it's concurrency primitives. Someone who is new to #scala, doesn't need to worry about threadsafety and the plethora of APIs around it, to achieve better performance.
John A De Goes
Scala's Future has resulted in a generation of quite intelligent Scala programmers believing that:

1. Async programming is connected to concurrent programming

2. Async should be tracked in the type system

Both of these are completely false. Time to fix your brain! 🧵👇

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