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ZIO News - Issue #30
By ZIO News • Issue #30 • View online
Welcome to ZIO News, your monthly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem.
We are sending this newsletter right from the heart of Crested Butte, Colorado, where we have hosted the first hybrid post-pandemic ZIO Hackathon 2021! 🙌.
During the Hackathon, Alexander Ioffe announced the hot news that Quill is moving over to the ZIO organization, and rebranding as ZIO Quill, with better ZIO integration than ever before. Additionally, Alex is going to run the ZIO Quill office hours happening bi-weekly on Thursdays. Join our ZIO-Meetup Groups and stay tuned for the first announcement.
In this edition, we are also excited to share with you the upgrade of multiple ZIO libraries to ZIO 2.0 milestone releases, as well as the 1.2.0 release of Caliban.
Adam Fraser and Kit Langton released their ZIO from Scratch Series with 5 episodes 🔥, where you can get inspiration on building your first ZIO application. 👏
James Ward and Bruce Eckel from the Happy Path Programming podcast have chatted with Adam Fraser about ZIO 2.0 - Better, Faster, Friendlier as well as Alex Ioffe about ZIO Quill. 🙌

Major Releases
Release v1.2.0 · ghostdogpr/caliban · GitHub
ZIO Ecosystem
Great news for the ZIO Scala Ecosystem, multiple libraries have been already upgraded to ZIO 2.o milestone releases! 👏
Blog Articles
Where the ZIO Roadmap is Headed Next by John A. De Goes at Capital One Blog
Trace your microservices with ZIO | by Marek Kadek
Building Next-Gen Applications on JVM with ZIO by John A. De Goes at Capital One blog
Asynchronous Microservices with ZIO-gRPC and Scala | by λ.eranga
Published Talks
Zymposium - ZIO Flow
Zymposium - ZIO Flow
Zymposium — Full Stack Frontend
Zymposium — Full Stack Frontend
Zymposium — Type-Level Sets
Zymposium — Type-Level Sets
ZIO from Scratch — Part 1
ZIO from Scratch — Part 1
ZIO from Scratch — Part 2
ZIO from Scratch — Part 2
ZIO from Scratch — Part 3
ZIO from Scratch — Part 3
ZIO from Scratch — Part 4
ZIO from Scratch — Part 4
ZIO from Scratch — Part 5
ZIO from Scratch — Part 5
Next Generation Operations with ZIO — Adam Fraser
Next Generation Operations with ZIO — Adam Fraser
Functional Scala 2021
From Twitter
John A De Goes
ZIO 2.0 M3 is now available, thanks to the release efforts of @adamfraser and a number of contributors!

— Contextual logging with rich Fiber data
— Compositional, simple apps with shared layers
— Integrated metrics

We're in the last stretch to RC1!

Daniel Vigovszky
My #Scala command line argument parser library, #clipp (https://t.co/eKg9pE0J84) now supports (the latest snapshot release of) #ZIO 2
John A De Goes
Thanks to the brilliant work of @kitlangton & @jorvasquez2301, ZIO Prelude is about to unify newtypes with refinement types, across Scala 2 and Scala 3, bringing usability to new heights. 💥

Making illegal states unrepresentable never looked this good! ❤️🎉 https://t.co/lLyZbZ7kO9
August Nagro
Published a new version of NativeConverter, a typeclass for Scala.js that converts case classes to JSON & native JavaScript objects.

It has bug fixes and fromJson/fromNative extension methods inspired by @zioscala zio-json.

Thanks @sake_92 for the help!

John A De Goes
ZIO 2.0 M3 is bringing richer, compositional apps, which are easier to use than the old zio .App.

Yes, applications now compose, with their runtime configurations, which add rich features like profiling, integrations with loggers & metric services, and more. https://t.co/I8pFsQRFKh
John A De Goes
I love the modularity of the ZIO Prelude type class hierarchy, because you can see patterns that are hidden in classic (ad hoc) names, and easily form new abstractions that haven't been created (or popularized) yet. https://t.co/xYovvHfSoj
Pierre Ricadat
I just released Caliban v1.2.0 🎉

This version brings a new sbt plugin to generate client code directly from server code at compile time. Useful if you use both Caliban client and server. This sbt voodoo magic was brought by @guizmaii

Release Notes: https://t.co/VBDaVgXe57
Denis Mikhaylov
Just refactored `OptionT[UIO, A]` code to use combinators provided for `UIO[Option[A]]` and it looks much better. @zioscala is a great tool.
John A De Goes
One of the magical things that typed errors gives you is the ability to zoom into specific terms of sum types, do some transformations, and then zoom out again when you're ready.

Kiss those monad transformers goodbye! 😘 https://t.co/ZYQRCKYjWe https://t.co/BcIQikSL72
John A De Goes
Do you use ZIO but want to level-up your knowledge? Even if you missed my Advanced ZIO workshop, you can still try the exercises on your own below! 👇

All exercises are developed as test suites, so that as you complete them, you can get feedback. ✅🎉

Adam Fraser
Slides from my talk last week on Next Generation Operations with ZIO. https://t.co/zBa8z8AmuE
John A De Goes
ZIO 2.0.0-M4 just went live, bringing next-gen execution tracing and an async / concurrent pool, with even more polish.

The pieces are slowly coming together, culminating in what we hope to be RC1 released at ZIO Hackathon 2021. 🎉

Kit Langton
All five parts of ZIO from Scratch with @adamfraser and myself are now online! https://t.co/BbZaGBjT1d

(Thanks, @Tornadolobo!)
Jorge Vasquez
Muy pronto estaré presentando sobre @zioscala en español 🙂 https://t.co/7ZAsjKJpxo
This year's @zioscala hackathon is here 💕 Want to contribute to zio-flow or any other library in the ZIO family? Join the hackathon. This is how I got started with scala OSS and would recommend it to everyone😌. https://t.co/B2x1ckTqHj
John A De Goes
ZIO 2.0 async stack traces are always turned on (indeed, they cannot be disabled!), and they integrate with and render exactly the same as ordinary sync traces from the JVM.

That async bug in your highly-scalable, reactive ZIO application just became a lot easier to squash! 🐞🔨 https://t.co/1hNW4wcvfr
Kit Langton
Nearly time for the @zioscala hackathon! No better place to spend all day on the computer 😉 https://t.co/xkuixCkfDv
John A De Goes
Fantastic talk at @ScaleByTheBay by @adamfraser on the historical challenges of finding Scala's sweet spot, where we may be headed next, and what this means for Scala adoption! https://t.co/rPxJBGiSM4
Sandra Wolf 🐺
This week's Zymposium is the ZIO Hackathon 2021 Projects Introductions from @ashprakasan @jdegoes @adamfraser @thinkharderdev @Dream11Engg @iravid_ @regiskuckaertz @pshemass @dvigovszky @deusaquilus @andreasgies followed by weekend hacking🔥🔥🔥

Join us!
Today I have the honor to be one of the project leads at @zioscala hackathon. Join us for 3 days of talks, hacking and meet the ZIO cimmunity.
Adam Fraser
Slides from my talk on The Next Generation Of Scala at @ScaleByTheBay. https://t.co/oOjh1j9PLA
Dream11 Engineering
It's time developers worldwide gather to learn & share their knowledge of the ZIO ecosystem.

Do you want to contribute to ZIO-HTTP? Join us at the #ZIO #Hackathon today & work on the curated list of issues.

Registration Link:https://t.co/cF1S3g8Esd

#Dream11 #Engineering
James Ward
Thanks to the @zivergetech crew being in Crested Butte for an off-site we were able to record an in-person episode of Happy Path Programming with @deusaquilus. Had a blast talking about database access approaches and Scala metaprogramming:
John A De Goes
Hot off the press: @deusaquilus announces at ZIO Hackathon 2021 that Quill is moving over to the ZIO organization, and rebranding as ZIO Quill, with better integration than ever before. 🎉❤️💪
James Ward
Twofer! @adamfraser also joined us for episode #45 ZIO 2 - Better, Faster, Friendlier:
Alexander Ioffe
Here's the beginnings of deep-integration between ProtoQuill and Caliban. Notice that if we remove the "street" column, there's an optimized query-plan on the database level!
Want to know how this works? Stay tuned! https://t.co/91XrFNmQuN
Alexander Ioffe
That's right! Quill is moving to the ZIO organization!
Together we can build a reactive, pure-functional database access library that any developer can use! https://t.co/YyzUVAqw4S
Marcin Szałomski
That was a great event! Before this weekend I had zero experience in ZIO. Only knew it from conference talks. Had an opportunity and *motivation* to deep dive 🔍 into the source code, like the best introduction.🔧

Even got merged my little contribution 🚀 https://t.co/H7ZJyA64J6
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