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ZIO News - Issue #28
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Welcome to ZIO News, your monthly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem.
In this edition, we are continuing with the DevInsideYou series on ZIO with 3 brand new videos!
Rock the JVM has introduced a new video with a dive into ZIO and the effect pattern.
In the latest Zymposium by Kit Langton & Adam Fraser special guest @ghostdogpr was walking us through Caliban. We saw how easy it can be to upgrade an existing application to use GraphQL with the power of Caliban.
This week we will host a Meetup with Michael Arnaldi speaking about Integrating the learning from TypeScript in designing a ZIO powered by Scala 3.
And finally, who doesn’t like discounts?

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Published Talks
DavInsideYou: “In this video, we will start implementing our own version of ZIO in order to implement a hello world ZIO application. This video focuses on the third parameter slot (the success channel) of ZIO.”
Part 2 - ZIO[_, _, Success] - Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3
Part 2 - ZIO[_, _, Success] - Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3
This video focuses on the second parameter slot (the error channel) of ZIO.
Part 3 - ZIO[_, Error, _] & Variance - Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3
Part 3 - ZIO[_, Error, _] & Variance - Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3
In this video, DevInside focuses on the first parameter slot (the environment/reader/dependency/context channel) of ZIO.
Part 4 - ZIO[Env, _, _] - Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3
Part 4 - ZIO[Env, _, _] - Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3
Zymposium by Adam Fraser and Kit Langton. If you’ve never written a macro before and want to get ready for the future now is your chance!
Zymposium - Macros in Scala 3
Zymposium - Macros in Scala 3
In this talk, @ghostdogpr was walking us through Caliban, a GraphQL library in Scala that just had its 1.0 release. We saw how easy it can be to upgrade an existing application to use GraphQL with the power of Caliban!
Zymposium - Caliban
Zymposium - Caliban
“This video is a quick dive into ZIO and the effect pattern. We’re going to model synchronous and asynchronous computations on top of lightweight threads, aka fibers. Both Scala 2.13 and Scala 3 are identically applicable for this video. We discuss:
  • how to run ZIO instances sequentially, on the same thread
  • how to create a Fiber via fork
  • how to wait for a Fiber to finish via join
  • how to interrupt Fibers
  • how to make Fibers ignore interruption signals”
Scala with ZIO: Introduction to Fibers
Scala with ZIO: Introduction to Fibers
From Twitter
Jules Ivanic
@politrons To me, our best chance to see some Scala and FP adopted is ZIO!

Such a powerful too but in the same time so easy to learn and too use. All batteries included. FP beginners friendly. No need to learn theorical stuff.

Amazing for advanced FP devs as much as beginners. 😍
John A De Goes
Hundreds of companies leverage ZIO to build scalable, type-safe, testable cloud-native applications.

Today, ZIO is the most widely used effect system, with a job market second only to Akka.

Boost your career options by learning ZIO 2.0 with me! 👇

James Ward
@zivergetech @deusaquilus @flaviusbraz @DamReev @adamfraser @kitlangton This is awesome. Quill and ZIO are my two favorite Scala libs.
Pierre Ricadat
The video for the Zymposium on Caliban is here! Check it out to see how we migrated an existing full-stack Scala app to GraphQL 🚀 https://t.co/9VVPvmlQZ1
Sandra Wolf 🐺
Another great video by Vlad @DevInsideYou about @zioscala on Getting Started with #ZIO in #Scala3. 👏

Vlad, you are rocking it! 😎🚀

Jakub Czuchnowski
I've never missed a ZIO hackathon so it's a must-attend for me. https://t.co/zANq7ZFkEY
Zymposium - Quill Release Party is happening tomorrow at 9 am PST and 6 pm UK time!

Fantastic guest speakers and panelists: @deusaquilus @adamfraser @flaviusbraz @DamReev @kitlangton & Prakhar Saxena 😎

👇 Join here:
John A De Goes
Thanks to its support for Cats Effect 2.x and Cats Effect 3.x type classes, ZIO applications can natively use all Cats Effect libraries, as well as all the ZIO-only libraries.

The greater ZIO ecosystem is vast and gives you the power to choose the best tool for every job! https://t.co/HlMWqB8oGp
Our job runner, I replaced the Akka actor by a #ZIO fiber, that feels awesome! More comfortable to test! Functional!
Jos Dirksen
Excited to start a new project in August. Back to #scala again, after a couple of years of having fun with #kotlin. Looking forward to start working with #zio!
Sandra Wolf 🐺
So excited to be organizing the Quill Release Party tomorrow. 🥳

Panel discussion with all these great minds?
Hell, yeah! 😎 https://t.co/FnUVZd4g1O
Great endorsement from the man himself @deusaquilus mentioning in his presentation that Quill contexts work better with #Scala3 and @zioscala 🙌👏😎 https://t.co/Q5DFnZZ4fd
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