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ZIO News - Issue #23
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Welcome to ZIO News, your monthly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

ZIO Ecosystem
We are in the middle of the ZIO Hackathon and we are seeing a huge number of pull requests in various projects. A lot of progress is being made on zio-sql, zio-web, zio-prelude, etc. Keep on eye on future releases coming!
zio-tls-http is a 100% non-blocking, Java NIO only, JSON web server implementation based on ZIO. The README includes a lot of details on the approach.
Blog Articles
Daniel Vigovszky, the author of zio-aws, wrote an excellent article on using ZIO AWS with ZIO Query. In this article he rewrites a tool using ZIO and shows how to leverage zio-query to optimize calling a bunch of AWS endpoints, while maintaining a code base that is easy to read and maintain.
Andreas Gies wrote a series of 3 articles on ZIO Streams and JMS: ZIO Streams and JMS, Auto-Recovery for (JMS) Streams and Keep alive for JMS connections.
Published Talks
“Redis Streams with ZIO” by Leszek Gruchała. Also check the example project on github.
Milano Scala Group - Redis Streams with ZIO
Milano Scala Group - Redis Streams with ZIO
“The Rise Of Loom And The Evolution Of Reactive Programming”, by John De Goes (including the impact of Loom on ZIO).
The Rise Of Loom And The Evolution Of Reactive Programming
The Rise Of Loom And The Evolution Of Reactive Programming
Functional Scala 2020 is just a couple weeks away, December 2-4.
From Twitter
Igal Tabachnik
Found zio-aws: a project by @dvigovszky that uses a small core library to generate ZIO wrappers for ALL AWS services as individual Scala libraries! That's scarily cool! https://t.co/frnw5A4dNm
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