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ZIO News - Issue #22
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Welcome to ZIO News, your monthly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
No major releases in ZIO but 2 minor releases happened in the last month: 1.0.2 and 1.0.3. They mostly contain bug fixes and usability improvements and are binary compatible with 1.0.0 with a couple exceptions in ZStream.
ZIO Ecosystem
Libanius-cli-zio is a CLI interface for the Libanius quiz library. As you can guess by its name, it is implemented using ZIO and one of the sample quizzes will test your knowledge about ZIO!
The prox library for working with system processes now offers a ZIO interface in addition to the original fs2-based one.
Hunor Kovács put together 2 example repositories showing how to use http4s with ZIO. The first one, zio-http4s-example, is pretty simple and not using ZIO environment. For that you can check the second one, zio-http4s-zlayer-example, showing a more complex example.
Blog Articles
Not a blog post this month but nothing less than a book entirely dedicated to ZIO, written by the two most prolific ZIO maintainers! This is the promise of the Zionomicon, the new bible for everything ZIO-related by John De Goes and Adam Fraser. An early access is available and you can download the first chapters for free.
Published Talks
A very interesting talk by Adam Fraser about what he calls “aspects”, a pattern that is common in ZIO applications from ZIO Test to Caliban.
Using Aspects To Transform Your Code With ZIO Environment
Using Aspects To Transform Your Code With ZIO Environment
The Milano Scala Group will have an online meetup on October 27 with a talk by Leszek Gruchała about writing Redis Streams applications with ZIO.
Don’t miss the ZIO Hackathon on November 21-22! This is a free online event where you can learn about ZIO and become a contributor with the help and mentoring of ZIO contributors.
The lineup at Functional Scala 2020 on December 2-4 is getting more detailed with a lot of renowned speakers.
From Twitter
John A De Goes
At ZIO Hackathon, you can learn & contribute to open source in a positive, energetic, supported environment! 🎉

Sponsored by @zivergetech and @scalac_io, did you know if you contribute, you get a free collectible t-shirt?!? 😍

https://t.co/80Bn5tXQK1 https://t.co/LCmmA9cuCw
Igal Tabachnik
I'll start: tranzactio (https://t.co/XsdZYsxNeJ) - allows doobie to work seamlessly with ZIO so that doobie's ConnectionIO is lifted to ZIO, allowing me to treat the entire effect like a single transaction.
@kubukoz And ZIO... too many features to name. But it came at a time when I was ready to jump ship to Haskell.

To name a few though:

- Can tell from the type if you already handled errors or not. And trying to handle errors for something that can't fail is a compile error.
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