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ZIO News - Issue #21

ZIO News - Issue #21
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Welcome to ZIO News, your monthly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

ZIO Ecosystem
ZIO being pretty stable, some libraries from the ecosystem are now getting more attention. In particular, libraries that saw significant contributions in the last month are zio-prelude, zio-redis, zio-sql, zio-json and zio-web. Check these out if you’re looking into contributing to the next big thing!
ZIO contributor @svroonland, already author of zio-kinesis and zio-amqp, released a small library called rezilience that contains a few utilities for making asynchronous systems more resilient to failures: a circuit breaker, a rate limiter, etc.
Branislav Lazic made a toy project showing integration between Finch, ZIO, and Slick. The code is available in this repo.
Blog Articles
Natan Silnitsky added a 3rd blog post to his series of “lessons learned” using ZIO and it’s again super useful: 5 lessons learned from my continuing awesome journey with ZIO. In the menu: heap-safe recursion, repeated side-effects, resource acquisition and some fun with ZIO Test.
Aleksandra Holubitska wrote a blog post explaining the basics of Kafka and how you can use it with ZIO, via the zio-kafka library.
Published Talks
Concurrency on the JVM using Scala
Concurrency on the JVM using Scala
Natan Silnitsky- Greyhound - Powerful Pure Functional Kafka library- λC 20 Global Edition
Natan Silnitsky- Greyhound - Powerful Pure Functional Kafka library- λC 20 Global Edition
Adam Fraser will give a talk named Using Aspects to transform your codes with ZIO Environment at the Virtual Scala Meetup on September 24.
Scala Matsuri 2020 is happening online on October 17 and 18. The lineup includes several ZIO-related talks (Friendly FP by Wiem Zine Elabidine, Caliban by Pierre Ricadat).
On October 22, John De Goes will present The Rise of Loom and the Evolution of Reactive Programming at an online meetup, and that will include the improvements that will be possible in ZIO when Loom is available.
If you’re looking for professional training, check out this bundle from the same John De Goes: Functional Scala Megapack (includes 4 workshops).
From Twitter
Yuval Itzchakov
What I really truly enjoy about ZIO is the ability to do rapid development. You quickly scratch a piece of logic together, and when you're done you can automatically:

- See which dependencies you're using (R)
- Understand in which ways you function can fail
Igal Tabachnik
When you implement a feature in IntelliJ but completely forget about it, then when it happens 😲
ugo bourdon
scalaz-stream is no longer used at @performance_imm
All the project (60000+ loc) migrate successfully to zio-stream.
Next step, migrate all scalaz Task to ZIO.
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