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ZIO News - Issue #20

ZIO News - Issue #20
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Welcome to ZIO News, your monthly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
Since the big 1.0 release, there was a minor 1.0.1 release that mostly fixes bugs. It is recommended to upgrade especially if you use zio Schedule (or a library that relies on it like zio-kafka) as it fixes a few important bugs. This release is entirely binary compatible with 1.0.0 so you can upgrade directly without worrying about other dependencies. Here are the full release notes.
A quick note to mention that ZIO added an “Adopters” section on its README, where you can see a few companies using ZIO (22 already). Add your own by opening a simple PR!
ZIO Ecosystem
If you are learning ZIO, you will love ZIO Catechism by Kit Langton, a visual companion that demonstrate various ZIO combinators with a really slick UI. It’s done using Scala.js so everything you see on screen is actually ran using ZIO. The sources are available here.
zio-aws is a low-level wrapper for the entire suite of AWS libraries (based on the non-blocking AWS Java SDK v2).
zio-prefetcher is a new project that lets you… well, pre-fetch some data so you don’t need to wait when you actually need it.
zio-grpc got a new documentation website, and it looks real good.
Blog Articles
Igal Tabachnik wrote an article explaining how to run Postgres integration tests easily with TestContainers and ZIO Test. This technique is applicable to other databases/backends as well.
Published Talks
Don’t miss this talk introducing ZIO Prelude, a new ZIO project aiming at proposing an alternative solution for functional type classes.
SF Scala: Reimagining Functional Type Classes
SF Scala: Reimagining Functional Type Classes
Machine Learning + ZIO by Aris Vlasakakis:
ML Powered Apps with ZIO Scala
ML Powered Apps with ZIO Scala
Live coding with Adam Warski:
Happy eyeballs live-coding using ZIO by Adam Warski: Scala in the City
Happy eyeballs live-coding using ZIO by Adam Warski: Scala in the City
A new ZIO Hackathon has finally been announced! This one will be 100% remote, so anybody interested in contributing can participate. It will happen on November 21-22. Get your ticket!
From Twitter
John A De Goes
ZIO 1.0 just launched, and we're starting from half a million downloads a month. 💪🎉
Ruurtjan Pul
🚀🎉 Launch day! 🎉🚀
Just deployed, built with @scala_lang, @zioscala and @vuejs. Still much to be done, but happy to have the first version live :)
Sandra Wolf 🐺
Today I talked to a Scala Engineer who have recently taken a few interviews and he mentioned that 3 out of 5 jobs leverage #ZIO in production. 😍👏🏼 that’s the news I want to hear. 😊💛
Pavels Sisojevs
In the last half a year my blog was visited by almost 5k unique users. Mostly, that is because of my posts about @zioscala. I'm really happy to be part of this community. Excited about the 1.0 release! Congrats team ZIO! .. and hope there won't be v1.0-1😁
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