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ZIO News - Issue #17

ZIO News - Issue #17
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
ZIO 1.0.0-RC21 was released last weekend, bringing the long-awaited changes of the supervision model that were considered the last thing missing to publish version 1.0. From this point, no significant API changes are expected and efforts will be focused on fixing any bugs that are identified as well as polishing the API and documentation for the 1.0 release. Please report any issues you experience with this RC so that the team can address them immediately.
Here are the release notes for this version. Other changes include, among other things, performance improvements for Chunk, a new data type for STM called TPriorityQueue and various improvements and fixes on ZStream.
ZIO Ecosystem
There was a lot of work done recently on zio-redis, a native ZIO-based client for Redis (not a wrapper of a Java library). The library is approaching its first official release and could use some extra help. A bunch of good first issues have been created: feel free to give a hand if you’re interested, newcomers are welcome!
Blog Articles
Not a blog post but an entire zio-related book has been written by Jorge Vasquez at Scalac and made available for free. The title says it all: Mastering modularity in ZIO with ZLayers.
Juliano Alves wrote an article about using streaming “all the way” from the client-side to the DB, using technologies like ZIO, Doobie, Quill, http4s and fs2. He is also hosting a webinar on a related topic called “Building A Streaming Engine From The Ground Up Using Scala”.
Published Talks
Want to learn about ZIO Streams directly from their creator? Check this crash course from Itamar Ravid.
A Tour of ZIO Streams
A Tour of ZIO Streams
In the same vein, ZIO Test by its lead developer Adam Fraser.
100 with ZIO Test by Adam Fraser: Scala in the City Conference
100 with ZIO Test by Adam Fraser: Scala in the City Conference
A good introduction to ZIO by Wiem Zine Elabidine, with awesome slides.
ZIO from Home by Wiem Zine Elabidine: Scala in the City Conference
ZIO from Home by Wiem Zine Elabidine: Scala in the City Conference
Vladimir Pavkin at Scalac will be giving a remote talk called ZIO Inception - Journey through layers and intersection types on July 2.
On July 16, Ziverge is hosting another meetup with a talk from the author of ScalaPB and zio-grpc libraries Nadav Samet: Functional, Type-safe, Testable Microservices with ZIO gRPC.
The training on ZIO Test by Adam Fraser was moved to July 28. Discount (10%) is still available with code “ZIO”.
From Twitter
Vladimir Pavkin
Working on a #zio project. Just tried zio plugin for #IDEA and IT IS GAS! Kudos to @hmemcpy, great tool! 👍
Julien Truffaut
@_YilinWei_ made a fantastic SIP proposal to use the most precise type alias in #Scala error messages. It will drastically improve the user experience of libraries like cats, fs2, ZIO or Monocle!
Balazs Zagyvai
Created a graph to help navigating #ZIO type aliases.

Starting from ZIO's effect type in its most powerfull form ZIO[R,E,A], the environment and error channels are restricted/eliminated along the edges.
You can use it as a cheat-sheet:
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