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ZIO News - Issue #16

ZIO News - Issue #16
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

ZIO Ecosystem
The “Task Force ZIO” at Scalac published 2 interop libraries to facilitate the usage of Akka-http and Slick with ZIO: say hello to zio-akka-http-interop and zio-slick-interop.
You might be familiar with the excellent book “Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling” by Debasish Ghosh. The author recently updated his companion repository with a ZIO-based solution. A good comparison with alternative approaches based on cats-effect.
git-mkver, a tool for automatic semantic versioning for git, is built using a lot of ZIO technologies, in particular ZIO, ZIO Process and ZIO Config. In case you’re curious about ZIO usage in real-life applications, the code is open-source.
Blog Articles
Remember this tweet from a few weeks ago?
Jakub Kozłowski λ
What Scala blog posts will look like in a couple months:

"opening the fridge with ZIO"
Wiem Zine accepted the challenge and actually wrote a post about Opening the Fridge with ZIO, a good excuse for explaining dependency and resource management with ZIO.
Adam Warski wrote an in-depth and pragmatic overview of dependency management using ZIO, comparing it with other approaches.
Finally, another article about ZLayer from Application Development Meanderings, covering how to insert ZIO into an existing framework (the example is using Scala.js).
Published Talks
Wiem Zine and Adam Fraser teamed up to demystify Fiber Supervision in ZIO during the Scalar conference.
FIBER SUPERVISION IN ZIO - Wiem Zine El Abidine, Adam Fraser | Scalar 2020
FIBER SUPERVISION IN ZIO - Wiem Zine El Abidine, Adam Fraser | Scalar 2020
The prequel to “Opening the fridge with ZIO” (see above) by Wiem Zine.
Prepare Pizza using ZIO
Prepare Pizza using ZIO
If you’re new to ZIO, this is the video to watch, as Adam Fraser helps you get started.
Getting started with ZIO
Getting started with ZIO
In this video, Mat Gren (Head of Business at Scalac) and Zuka Kakabadze (CTO at Fugo) talk about the business benefits of using functional programming and ZIO.
Why you should choose ZIO in your next project. Benefits of functional programming in ZIO
Why you should choose ZIO in your next project. Benefits of functional programming in ZIO
Ziverge is organizing another free and remote event, this time focused on configuration management in Scala using zio-config and led by its main maintainer Afsal Thaj.
From Twitter
Jakub Czuchnowski
A new Scala apps diagnostic tool you didn't know you wanted is here. We took a non-standard approach of terminal apps and came up with Panopticon TUI. For now we support #ZIO , #Akka and Slick. Take a look and let us know WDYT @scalac_io #taskforcezio
Itamar Ravid
Surprising benefit of online conferences: loading the dishwasher with @jdegoes 😂 thank you @Signify_Tech for the wonderful conference!
Follow-up to @jdegoes's presentation at #SignifyScalaConf. This is how I would use traits + case classes + ZLayer to wire the application graph : The `>+>` operator is the 💣!
Dmitry Karlinsky
Converting from the old cake environments to the new value composable goodness of `Has[Service]` and ZLayers, took a lot of the effort, but also simplified our environment and test code greatly!
Thanks @jdegoes , @adamfraser and all other contributors for all the hard work!
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