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ZIO News - Issue #15

ZIO News - Issue #15
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks! There was a brand new ZIO RC19 with a lot of things, quickly followed by binary-compatible RC19-1 and RC19-2 fixing a couple of broken things. And then a RC20 fixing an important number of bug in ZIO Streams.
These releases bring a lot of additional operators and performance improvements under the hood. It also includes a major redesign of ZIO Streams, which you can read about in more details here.
There are also some important changes that might impact your code:
  • ZIO is now published for Scala.js 1.x
  • App#run returns an ExitCode instead of an Int
  • ZStream#untake became ZStream#flattenTake
  • Tagged was renamed to Tag
  • TestClock.adjust now suspends until all scheduled tasks have been completed
Release Notes: RC19, RC19-1, RC19-2, RC20
Note that the supervision changes holding 1.0.0 are not yet included, so there should be at least one other RC before 1.0.0 can ship. This is being actively worked on.
ZIO Ecosystem
Say hello to ZIO SQL! This new library for writing type-safe and composable SQL queries in Scala is not yet usable but is getting closer . A bunch of issues for the remaining work have been created, so if you feel like contributing you know where to look.
John A De Goes
Type-safe, inferable SQL queries in Scala, including joins, aggregations, and updates, without macros or compiler plug-ins of any kind.

Coming soon to a library near you! 😉

#zio #sql #functional #scala
In other news, the tapir library for defining HTTP endpoints has extended its ZIO support with some convenient aliases: read more about it in the dedicated documentation.
Published Talks
A bunch of ZIO-focused talks are expected soon (Scala Love, Scalar). In the meantime, check out this recent talk from Mateusz Sokół presenting ZIO Actors.
Mateusz Sokół- Zio Actors- λC 20 Global Edition
Mateusz Sokół- Zio Actors- λC 20 Global Edition
Reminder: the Virtual Scala in the City Conference is TODAY! It is packed with ZIO major contributors.
Another event not to miss will be John De Goes unveiling a new library reimagining functional type classes, at SF Scala on July 30. This is a free remote event.
If you’re looking for professional training, there’s a full-day session dedicated to ZIO by John De Goes on June 11.
From Twitter
Martin Odersky
@fanf42 @SalarRahmanian @ugobourdon I am very happy to see where ZIO is going! I am saying this as a non-expert, since I focus more on core language, not so much on concurrency frameworks. But it looks likely to me that ZIO could make great use of virtual threads.
Gastón Tonietti
@jdegoes I'm back to Scala and I'm really liking zio-test. Keep them coming, I'll use as many zio libs I can.
John A De Goes
With ZIO, a single monadic data type with 3 type params subsumes 99% of all use cases in FP:

Just Success: ZIO[Any, Nothing, A]
Either: ZIO[R, E, A]
Either + Option: ZIO[R, Option[E], A]
Either + State: ZIO[Ref[S], E, A]


Teachable, inferable, & fast!

Leszek Gruchała
1/2 Happy to tell you we at @kensuio have a first @zioscala app running on prod for some time smoothly! It’s based on #akka-http, uses layers, composes with new and legacy Future based services, as well uses #zio-streams to run #Redis stream consumers 🎉
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