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ZIO News - Issue #14

ZIO News - Issue #14
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
The big release of the week is called ZQuery! If you’re familiar with the GraphQL library Caliban, you may have already heard of it: ZQuery is a new data type designed for optimizing queries. Imagine you have a computation that contains multiple requests to a backend (a DB, an API, whatever): using ZQuery allows you to cache, de-duplicate and batch requests together in a seamless way using a syntax that is very similar to ZIO.
Originally developed by Adam Fraser inside the Caliban repository, ZQuery is now available for usage in any context. There aren’t many resources yet but this should come soon, and Adam is planning to give a talk on it in the near future. In the meantime, you can check this blog post showing how it’s used for optimizing GraphQL queries in Caliban.
Adam Fraser
Excited to announce the first release of ZQuery! Write optimized queries in a high level, compositional style. ZQuery has been powering query optimization for Caliban and is now its own project. Thanks to @ghostdogpr for taking a chance on a new solution!
ZIO Ecosystem
korolev, a library for writing single page applications running on the server side, has recently added support for ZIO. See here for an example.
Adrian Filip released a small library called zio-properties, a ZIO alternative to Spring Properties. Check his blog post for an introduction.
Blog Articles
Pascal MengeIt wrote yet another article, this time about Building a CLI with Decline for a ZIO app. ASCII art inside!
Juliano Alves proposes you no less than Building the Death Star with ZIO Stream! Need I say more?
Published Talks
Not a talk but a screencast from Wiem Zine El Abidine showing how to migrate tests from specs2 to ZIO Test.
Migrate test from spec2 to zio-test by example
Migrate test from spec2 to zio-test by example
This tech talk between John De Goes and Software Mill has a lot of ZIO content in it.
John de Goes on Functional Programming, ZIO, and Scala
John de Goes on Functional Programming, ZIO, and Scala
First, a reminder that Scalar Conf is just around the corner, with a lot of ZIO-related talks.
On May 20, join Adam Fraser for the first ZIO NYC Online Meetup, covering the topic of “Getting Started with ZIO”. It’s free to attend, from anywhere in the world.
In June, Adam will also offer a professional training course on ZIO Test, while Itamar Ravid will give one on ZIO Streams. Ziverge kindly shared a discount code for all readers of this newsletter: use “ZIO” to get a 10% discount.
The next conference on the horizon is a Virtual Scala in the City on May 28. Here again, a lot of ZIO content is announced!
From Twitter
Jakub Kozłowski λ
What Scala blog posts will look like in a couple months:

"opening the fridge with ZIO"
ugo bourdon
fucking shit, the @zioscala community is so helpful !
@adamfraser ty for help
Jonathan Winandy
Thanks to @adamfraser and all around the ZLayer! It is such a great idea.

That and a couple of other technics, we are able to write a sound DSL around Spark using ZIO.
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