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ZIO News - Issue #13

ZIO News - Issue #13
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
While waiting for ZIO 1.0.0, the biggest “release” of the last period might be the launch of Ziverge, a new company providing professional training, consulting, and support for the ZIO ecosystem. You’ll recognize familiar faces since John De Goes, Itamar Ravid and Adam Fraser are all part of the team.
Another interesting release is the new version of the ZIO plugin for IntelliJ, bringing support for the latest version of ZIO as well as the latest version of IntelliJ. Igal Tabachnik is working hard at it these days, adding a bunch of new inspections.
ZIO Ecosystem
Want to use ZIO but stuck with Java? Chris Albert published zio4j, a Java wrapper around ZIO. It doesn’t support the E and R type parameters at this point but that’s a start.
Eric Gast created zio-easymock, an alternative and easy-to-use mock implementation for ZIO Test.
Blog Articles
Itamar Ravid wrote this introduction to ZIO Kafka and its advantages over the standard libraries for writing asynchronous and non-blocking code. The ETL job example he wrote is also available in a github repo.
Tim Pigden published a detailed piece on using uzhttp for creating a ZIO-based HTTP server application. This includes WebSocket usage as well.
Juliano Alves wrote this article on using ZIO and Http4s to write a simple API client. This implementation is also a good example of ZLayer usage.
Published Talks
Wiem Zine Elabidine- Real World ZIO- λC 2019
Wiem Zine Elabidine- Real World ZIO- λC 2019
Mateusz Sokół - ZIO Actors
Mateusz Sokół - ZIO Actors
Oleksandra Holubitska - Web Application with Scalatra, ZIO and Slick
Oleksandra Holubitska - Web Application with Scalatra, ZIO and Slick
The next big Scala conference held online will be Scalar. A few speakers have already been announced, among them will be Wiem Zine El Abidine and Adam Fraser for a talk named “Fiber Supervision in ZIO: Bringing Structured Concurrency to Scala”.
Lambda Conf will also be online this year, in an interesting format since there will be a talk every Tuesday for several months. One of the first speakers will be Mateusz Sokół presenting ZIO Actors.
From Twitter
Itamar Ravid
Under-utilized feature from @zioscala's #ZIO Test - timing! A test suite was timing out on CI, and I needed to check which ones were taking the most time.

Big pain with other testing frameworks I used, but with ZIO Test you just slap on a `@@ TestAspect.timed` on the suite 🥰
Yonas Ghidei
1. Just migrated Zumler's backend from the old ZIO module encoding to Zlayer. I have to say that the improvement is palpable. Not only is it fun, but you feel like you are composing legos while doing it.
Afsal Thaj
Being able to read the main code as S3Client => List[Keys] and SqsClient => Task[SendMsgResult], while still attaining composability and testability (clients can be simple units). I thought ZLayer could be complex, but its the easiest DI ever seen. Thanks @zioscala !
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