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ZIO News - Issue #12

ZIO News - Issue #12
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Welcome to聽ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
Nothing major during the last period 馃憖
ZIO Ecosystem
If you are using DynamoDB, you might be interested in a new library called d4s, whose goal is to let you work with DynamoDB in a purely functional way. It relies on Izumi type classes to integrate with ZIO using tagless final. There is an example project as well.
The team at Scalac put together this giter8 template for a basic Scala application using ZIO, Akka HTTP and Slick, a good way to get started.
Another interesting integration is zio-tapir, demonstrating usage of tapir with ZIO endpoints for API creation and documentation generation.
Blog Articles
For those who might be curious or confused about where ZIO is coming from, John De Goes wrote this Brief History of ZIO. A good way to understand where it鈥檚 headed as well.
Another big article update from Pavels Sisojevs, this time about ZIO Test. A lot of improvements have been made on ZIO Test and ZIO Environment and this article covers them with a lot of examples.
Samuel Orji wrote an article about Functional Programming with ZIO and Akka HTTP. There is also a github repository with the full code.
Finally, Adrian Filip shares his experience moving from Kotlin + Spring Reactor + Arrow to Scala + ZIO, with a small application example written with both stacks.
Published Talks
SF Scala is now happening remote, and last meetup had Leo Benkel talk about Spark integration with ZIO.
SF Scala: Enhancing Spark's Power with ZIO, Qubism and NLP at Scale, Using Nix for Haskell
SF Scala: Enhancing Spark's Power with ZIO, Qubism and NLP at Scale, Using Nix for Haskell
If you speak Spanish, don鈥檛 miss this introduction to FP with ZIO.
Introducci贸n a la programaci贸n funcional con ZIO
Introducci贸n a la programaci贸n funcional con ZIO
Scala Love will be the first big conference held online in this COVID-19 era. A LOT of interesting talks are on the menu, but don鈥檛 miss Adam Fraser Solving the Dependency Injection Problem with ZIO.
From Twitter
Cem 馃拵
ZIO is:
1. An elegant, maximally composable primitive we've been missing for so long!
2. An engineering marvel.
3. A prime example of great open source collab & mentorship.
4. Scala's new killer app - I'll adopt Scala if I can't get it in my language.
5. Pure FP made approachable
James Ward
The primary thing breathing life into Scala right now is @zioscala. It is the biggest opportunity for growth.
Natan Silnitsky
While I agree #Scala was in the trough of disillusionment, the appearance of #ZIO and the upcoming #Scala3 release have great potential to accelerate Scala adoption in 2020-2022 period @zioscala
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