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ZIO News - Issue #11

ZIO News - Issue #11
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
There was no release of ZIO since last time. At this point, the only outstanding item for getting 1.0.0 out is this issue related to zipWithPar and auto-supervision.
Another important release within the ecosystem was ZIO Config 1.0.0-RC14 which brings a lot of improvements. If you don’t know what this is, check this Twitter thread!
ZIO Ecosystem
Yaroslav Yaremenko shared a demo project called book-shelf where he implemented a Lagom/Akka microservice on top of ZIO, with a GraphQL API powered by Caliban. He also used zio-grpc for service communication. A good example of mixing different technologies!
If you’re interested in using ZIO for building GUI, check out zio-swing, a proof of concept wrapper around Swing that offers a functional interface.
Blog Articles
Pavels Sisojevs published an updated version of his article introducing ZIO by building a small application, this time using the latest version and the new environment feature called ZLayer.
On the topic of ZLayer, Tim Pigden wrote a piece showing how to use ZLayer and how to combine layers.
Alexandre Delegue wrote about ZIO integration with the Play Framework. There is also a sample repository on Github.
Finally, François Armand demonstrated how to test a background process with ZIO.
Published Talks
Not much video content was posted since all the conferences are getting canceled due to COVID-19. However more and more online events are being organized, so hopefully some videos will come soon!
From Twitter
Gabriele Petronella
@hmemcpy @LukaJacobowitz @guizmaii @Gentmen Yeah, that’s kind of my point lately. We’re seriously evaluating ZIO at work for two reasons:
- we want typed errors
- we loathe EitherT

These considerations don’t come lightly, we have ~100 kLOC using F[Either[E, A]] + EitherT and we’re considering rewriting them all.
Nathan Davis
I have two opportunities available at the moment where you will be exposed to using ZIO.

First role is fully remote:

Scala, Cats, Scalaz, Http4s, Fs2, Doobie, Circe, Zio
4 stage interview process
Paying up to €75k

Second role is based in Munich:
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