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ZIO News - Issue #10

ZIO News - Issue #10
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Welcome to ZIO News, your bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to ZIO and its ecosystem!

Major Releases
Since the last newsletter, a new version of ZIO, 1.0.0-RC18-2, was released to bring a few important bug fixes. In particular, this version fixes Runtime#unsafeRunToFuture so that it no longer interrupts itself. The default runtime was also changed to provide a ZEnv instead of just Unit.
Most of the ecosystem libraries depending on ZIO have been upgraded as well. This new RC seems stable and shows good performance, and the list of things to fix is getting smaller, which means 1.0.0 shouldn’t be too far away now.
ZIO Ecosystem
Eagerly waiting for zio-http so that you could use ZIO directly to expose a web server, instead of using some clunky interop with http4s, Play or Akka HTTP? Then have a look at uzhttp, a new library from the creator of Polynote. This low-level, very minimal HTTP server library only depends on ZIO and ZIO Streams so it feels very natural to use when the rest of your code is ZIO-powered.
There was also a major release of the izumi ecosystem with a number of ZIO-related features. In particular, the BIO subproject now offers a wide range of trifunctor typeclasses for using ZIO with tagless final, as well as Arrow and Reader typeclasses. Distage also added support for the new ZIO with special constructors for ZLayer and Has. Check the release notes for examples and more details.
Blog Articles
A few articles came to help with the new ZLayer released in the last RC. First, Wiem Zine wrote a practical blog post about the migration of ZIO environment from RC17 to RC18. She also updated her older article called ZIO with http4s and doobie so that it uses the new encoding.
Pascal MengeIt also blogged about the benefits of the ZIO modules with ZLayer. In this post, he compares the new implementation with the old one and notes how the main pain points have been solved.
Adrian Filip wrote an interesting article about moving from Spring to ZIO. It also comes with a repository showing an example of ZIO-based CRUD application.
Published Talks
Mateusz Sokół did a presentation of ZIO Actors at Functional Tricity.
Functional Tricity #19 - "ZIO actors" by Mateusz Sokół
Functional Tricity #19 - "ZIO actors" by Mateusz Sokół
There’s no recording yet but you can also check the slides from Pierangelo Cecchetto about Ray Tracing with ZLayer, an update from his previous talk.
Time to stay at home everyone 😷 This section will come back later!
From Twitter
James Ward
Using ZIO Test is just soooo delightful! Easy to change the environment. Easy Property Based Testing. Here is my latest use that tests PORT env var parsing to a Char:
John A De Goes
Loving ZIO Test's new "laws are values" approach to defining and testing lawful type classes. Thanks to @adamfraser for the excellent work here! 🙏

Testing laws is as simple as:


Using the feature to build out ZIO Prelude!
Adam Warski
sttp-client 2.0.3 updates & improves @zioscala integration. Not only it is based on zio-1.0.0-RC18, but also brings ZManaged & ZLayer values to create backend instances.

Plus, an experimental ZIO-environment-style service is available, see:

#Scala #ZIO
Salar Rahmanian
Just released a v0.0.6 of #zioactors adding persistence and integration with #akka typed actors big thank you to @mt_sokol & @Tonga_Lucero for their contribution to this awesome release #zio #Scala @zioscala cc @petr_zapletal @ScalaTimes
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