Zeynep Yılmaz

By Zeynep Yılmaz

spilling still.

spilling still.

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My first anthology and a happy new year

In hopes that it is not entirely evil to use this mailing list for further purposes, In this email you can find the links for the six poems that make up the first official anthology published by me, alongside for a seventh one written for the new year.Spitted…


mindspillings #19 - a tribute

This is a goodbye issue.The loyalty I have for and the value I give to mindspillings have remained internally intact. But it took me a minute to understand what it means to let go, to remember some physics laws, to know that I don't owe anyone anything. It on…


mindspillings #on sekiz

ağzımda çirkin bir tatla uyanıyorum. çözülmemiş meselelerin, sonu gelmeyen kederlerin, boğazda düğümlenenlerin tadıyla, tanıyorum. gitmiyor, ne kadar yutkunursam yutkunayım, uykumdadahi, düğümleri,büyük bir ciddiyetle açmaya çalışıyorumbir takım çözeltileri a…


mindspillings #17 - negotiations

Loosing myself over and over in my own lost&found department. While all of it does, none of what I do feels like it carries a purpose. Not even writing for you here, only translated to me by some numbers. The hardest thing for me now is to navigate a time…


MINDSPILLINGS #16 - fog and fear

"Look at the moon, it's in the perfect place for us to see it.""Yes, but it's not yet full though right?""Does that mean it matters less?" (A conversation I had with my friend Bassel walking down the street gazing at the yet-to-be full moon through buildings)…


MINDSPILLINGS #15 - (draft)

This time my thoughts are unfinished, like maybe they have always been,but this time I stop playing pretend, as if I have answers to offer, and connections to make,this week I am drafting, long-awaited meanings, from questions to feelings,this week I'm thinki…


MINDSPILLINGS #14 - back to school

This year I am not going back to school. Upon my graduation, I will cease to have my entitlement as a student. Yet Sunday showers signaling the end of the week are still as uncomfortable, the end of summer still feels as gloomy as if all things warm and easy …


MINDSPILLINGS #13 - context

(This week I made a toast to endings and beginnings. A couple of fish accompanied me on the staircase, I wouldn't have wanted otherwise, and now the queen of hearts knows she doesn't want to be walking lonely.)Contextual feelings, contextual beings, contextua…


MINDSPILLINGS #12 - an attempt

Hello friends, lovers, readers, warriors, bakers, sex workers, in-betweeners, dwellers and companions,I needed to take a break from writing mindspillings for as long as I felt like it. Perhaps I needed to gather more material to write again, or indeed wait fo…



This week I have some silence, recuperating from greed, I need absence. Composing myself from the past - has never been lived, ça a été, like the photos I have taken. My unfulfilled dreams, I am confessing.I made a mistake, I can't keep a secret. Wearing my h…


MINDSPILLINGS #10 - fishing

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" goes the proverb. One of those things, because overly repeated, have been emptied out of meaning. It is however lacking this information, that even learning ho…