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What Imaginary Strings Bind Us?

Zen Breaks
What Imaginary Strings Bind Us?
By Zen Breaks • Issue #61 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 61- We limit ourselves

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” - Marie Curie
145. Freedom is within us
Getting Stuck In Life
Getting Stuck In Life
What ropes hold us, prevent us from trying to go further, to do things differently?
Old ropes
Sometimes they are old ropes, formed by the circumstances and decisions of the past. For what we did or what someone did to us.
Do these strings still have strength?
Recognizing its origin and accepting that we cannot change the past, we can ease the strength of these ropes to free ourselves.
New ropes
Other times they are ropes we weave out of fear of the future.
Holding on to exaggerated expectations, we create the fear that they will not come true and we fear taking risks.
Untying the ropes
Reality is often simpler than the way we paint it.
We cannot change the past and the only thing we can do about the future is to appreciate the present moment.
This is the only way to prepare for a better future.
That and accepting that we will never control what may happen.
Most decisions are not right or wrong.
They are just decisions that lead to different results.
If we open ourselves to new possibilities, we will create different realities, risking is creating.
Can we accept and try to do new things?
Are we going to risk changing our behaviors to be more free?
Are we going to accept with curiosity what may happen?
Shall we free ourselves from the imaginary ropes that hold us?
It’s up to us to loosen those bonds.
They cannot stop us from moving forward if we change our attitude.
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