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Use a Relaxing Ringtone to Be Calmer

Zen Breaks
Use a Relaxing Ringtone to Be Calmer
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ZEN BREAKS 59 - Try making this small big change

“I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones… that’s why it’s called a "cell” phone.“ Anonymous
143. A kinder "cell" phone
Use it to calm you down
Use it to calm you down
It’s hard to put down our cell phone.
Mobile application developers have devoted many hours creating mechanisms to capture our attention and it is not easy to unplug.
However, it is necessary and very beneficial to moderate our use of this device.
We should be the ones to control the attention we give it and not the cell phone to control our attention.
Only in this way it will he be at our service, instead of us being his slaves.
I will share a small change that helps me use this device in a more calm, more conscious way.
Soft ringtones 
Sounds that convey to our senses a message of urgency stimulate our anxiety.
Adopting a cell phone ringtone that conveys calm and tranquility can help us to slow down. At the same time, we will disturb less those around us who are also affected by the sounds of our cell phone.
I noticed a big difference when I made this small change in my cell phone. When I started using a calmer, smoother cell phone ringtone, the ringtone creates of less agitation. Also, as we always take a few seconds to answer calls, the relaxing sound become a tool for short breaks.
Some of my co-workers also mentioned that my cell phone ringtone gave them some calm and didn’t bother them as much as the agitated ringtones that are often included by default on cell phones.
I found my new and calmer ringtone ring a few years ago on this site:
You can find calm tones searching on this site for expressions like: bell, relaxation, zen, relax, violin, harp, tibet.
Some examples:
Probably, the best way to choose one is to download several ringtones, and then test them all at once on the phone - they don’t always work / hear as well as they sound on the computer.
There are probably other sites with similar ringtones, this is just one that I found and like.
Another simple option that we can use is to record a sound that we like, that we already know that calms us down. We can use the phone’s recorder, and then select that recording to use as a ringtone. This will be a way to personalize your mobile ringtone even more and achieve a relaxing effect.
Try using a softer ringtone for a week and see if you feel any difference, let me know what you think.
You may be surprised by the impact of this simple change…
Thanks Lucinda for giving me the idea to share this tip.
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Thank you for sharing this moment. Remember a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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