Try Listening to Others, to Yourself and to Silence, with Empathy


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Zen Breaks
Try Listening to Others, to Yourself and to Silence, with Empathy
By Zen Breaks • Issue #16 • View online
Hi, it’s Tuesday again, let’s take a Break together.

58. Listen to Small Advices
Toddler advice
Toddler advice
See how this little girl comforted her mother after hearing her parents fight.
The little ones can give us great lessons. May we be able to hear them with our hearts.
59. Listen with Empathy, not Sympathy
How empathy works - and sympathy can't
How empathy works - and sympathy can't
“We can often get confused when we’re trying to help somebody out of a tight spot… and can end up getting involved in a rescue attempt out of pity.
Empathy allows us to help without diminishing the other person… in fact empathic responses from us help the other person to build self-sufficiency and confidence as they get to grips with their situation and options”.
60. Listen to Silence
Seek Silence
Seek Silence
“What does silence mean to you? Is it something you fear and fill up with distractions? Or is it something you actively seek as an antidote to a stressful life?  
Visiting silence can be an adventure, a life changing journey into peace and quiet. In silence we can hear our own thoughts. Silence speaks for the part of life that is beyond words. There is space, inner freedom and creativity. We find a place within us that is centered, a place of trust”. 
61. Listen What is “Whispered”
The New Meaning I Found in “The Sounds of Silence” | by Zen Michael | Medium
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MORE TO READ (affiliate links)
Thank you for sharing this moment - a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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