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The Inspiring Vision of Jenny Jackson

Zen Breaks
The Inspiring Vision of Jenny Jackson
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ZEN BREAKS 51 - Looking into the past to live better NOW

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!” - Walt Disney
135. Learning to Be Free
Now You Are Free
Now You Are Free
Looking into our past can be a positive thing.
When we look to observe and not to blame ourselves.
When we look to try to understand better what happened, using a different view that distance allows us.
This observation of the past can help us to grow and live more and better in the present moment.
This video touched me for that different and inspiring vision that Jenny Jackson expresses.
She starts this journey from what she feels at the present moment, giving us a very interesting lesson about what it is like to live what society has come to call “old age”.
As she says, this time of life is not a moment when we retire. On the contrary, it can and should be a time when we have a new freedom to explore interests that we once put aside due to the daily necessities of life.
The clarity with which she expresses the way she views her “age” is impressive and very inspiring.
"Love, Mummy"
"Love, Mummy"
As we listen to her words of joy about the present moment, we may be tempted to think that this is due to a life of “success” (whatever that may be).
However, if we want to know her better, we see that her life had very uncomfortable moments and in which she admits that she had many attitudes that she regrets today.
The clarity with which she does this is what is important. The conscience it reveals shows us, reminds us, that we all carry heavy baggage and that leads us to do things that we only understand later.
At the same time, we should remember that all those we criticize or blame for our problems also carry their own baggage
Her reflection on the past goes even further back in this third video, on a journey to some painful childhood moments that, whether we like to admit it or not, determine much of what we will do next.
All Cats are Black
All Cats are Black
Watching these 3 videos about Jenny Jackson is making a very interesting journey into your life.
It’s a journey about the impact that emotions have on our lives, about how they later reveal themselves in attitudes that we don’t always understand.
It is also a very inspiring journey.
I wonder if the wisdom she expresses about the present moment would have been possible without all the discomfort she went through before?
Would she know how to appreciate the present moment so well today, if she hadn’t gone through those hurts?
Is this what happens to us too, sometimes?
Is what makes us suffer “just” necessary steps to the place where we will have to arrive?
Are they the price to pay to learn how to live better?
Thank you Jenny Jackson for the beauty of this share.
Thank you Green Renaissance team for giving us the opportunity to share her inspiring journey.
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