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Prevent Burnout with Breaks

Zen Breaks
Prevent Burnout with Breaks
By Zen Breaks • Issue #66 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 66- Understanding Burnout 

Some people have compassion for even strangers, but not for their own bodies.” - Mokokoma Mokhonoana
150. Learning to Stop
What Happens to Cause Burnout?
What Happens to Cause Burnout?
In this interesting Headspace video, the neuroscientist from UC Berkeley Dr. Sahar Yousef explains the science behind burnout.
She describes not just the causes of burnout but also a few simple steps we can take to reduce burnout and prevent it from occurring, using the power of Breaks. 
What is Burnout?
As defined by Berkeley psychology professor Dr. Christina Maslak, burnout consists of 3 core elements:
  1. Profound emotional exhaustion
  2. Generalized negativity, or cynicism
  3. Feelings of professional inefficacy
How to prevent it?
Dr. Sahar Yousef also explains an effective research-backed framework for avoiding burnout, known as the “3M Framework”.
This framework recommends actively taking three types of breaks to prevent or reduce burnout:
  1. Macro breaks (taking half to a full day beak every month)
  2. Meso breaks (taking one to two hours off every week)
  3. Micro breaks (resting for a few minutes several times every day).
Learn more about what burnout and is and how you can prevent it on the video.
As you will notice, science already recognizes the importance of taking frequent Breaks for your well-being.
Shall we start practicing it?
[ Thank you, Pedro, for recommending this video ]
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Thank you for sharing this moment. Remember a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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