Poor or Rich? | Not a Problem, an Experience | Stress Explained in 2 Minutes


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Poor or Rich? | Not a Problem, an Experience | Stress Explained in 2 Minutes
By Zen Breaks • Issue #9 • View online
Hi, it’s Tuesday again, let’s take a Break together?

31. Are You Poor or Rich?
Do you know how rich you are?
Do you know how rich you are?
Maybe you think you know how rich you are but don’t remember all the riches you have.
Perhaps the most valuable things are not those that you immediately remember…
32. "It’s Not a Problem, It’s an Experience"
A mental shift that might help you
A mental shift that might help you
“Life has its down periods: your boss is unhappy with you, your business is struggling, you get into a fight with the love of your life, your finances are tight, you aren’t getting good sleep, you get sick or have chronic pain.
Our way of dealing with this is usually to do one or more of the following:
  • Get away from the problem
  • Ignore the problem
  • Comfort yourself
  • Complain
There’s nothing wrong with any of these things. Don’t feel guilty if you do them.
(…) But trying to avoid the problem, exit from it, or even comfort yourself — these have limited effectiveness. We know that by now, because despite our best efforts, the down times keep happening. We get in a slump, we get miserable, we feel down.
Here’s a mental shift that might help: when you’re feeling hurt, sad, angry, overburdened … think of it not as a problem, but as an experience.
Fully feel whatever pain or sadness or anger you’re feeling.
Stop avoiding it and just feel it. Truly allow yourself to feel it.
And as you feel it, don’t think of the difficult feeling as a problem you need to solve. A thing you need to get rid of. Think of it as an experience you’re having.
It’s not a problem, it’s an experience.
That’s all it is: an experience, a feeling. Nothing to panic about.
(…) Feel your difficulty fully, with as open a heart as you can muster. Allow it into your heart, as you would a good friend. And just be with it, no judgments, no need to do anything. It’s just your present experience.”
Read the complete version of this excellent article by Leo Babauta here: https://zenhabits.net/noprob/
33. Stress Explained in 2 Minutes
Stress Release (Fast)
Stress Release (Fast)
Increase of heart rate, shallow breathing, muscle tension, stomach problems, headaches.
This is how our body shows us we are having trouble dealing with emotions and that we are being dominated by anxiety.
See how Emma McAdam explains this and more in this video, small in duration and big in importance.
30. (repost) Nobody Can Hurt You
Stoic flowchart created by Jon Brooks | stoichandbook.co
Stoic flowchart created by Jon Brooks | stoichandbook.co
Last email had a broken like to this amazing article, here is the correct one so that you can read it - it can improve your life: “Only Our Beliefs Can Harm Us”.
Sometimes it just takes a small action to gets us emotionally triggered and to make us feel like someone is hurting us.
Stoicism has very practical principles that can can help us manage this type of situation and prevent us from feeling hurt and angry.
Jon Brooks explains it clearly here: “Only Our Beliefs Can Harm Us”.
Let’s meet again next Tuesday?
Let’s meet again next Tuesday?
Thank you for sharing this moment.
Reminder: a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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