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NVC - How Do We Feed a Giraffe?

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NVC - How Do We Feed a Giraffe?
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ZEN BREAKS 71 - Quick tip: giraffes need details

“(…) Where can we get the fuel to become a giraffe in what is often a very jackalistic world ? (…) . The fuel comes from the celebration. And what kind of celebration? It comes from saying thank you in giraffe.” - Marshall B. Rosenberg
155. How to say Thank You in Giraffe
A productive Thank You  (sub-titles in Portuguese)
A productive Thank You (sub-titles in Portuguese)
The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is an excellent tool to improve the way we communicate with others (and maybe even with ourselves…).
However, it is not easy to use.
It is demanding, mainly because we were not educated in this form of communication.
It takes effort and energy to use it continuously.
How can we get the strength to use NVC?
Marshall Rosenberg explains this question in a very interesting way, at the end of this video (30:21): “how to feed the giraffe?”.
According to this American psychologist, the giraffe’s main food - the figure that in his model represents this form of collaborative communication - is the feedback it manages to obtain.
However, it cannot be just any feedback.
As with the rest of the model, this feedback must be concrete and detailed.
Only in this way can a giraffe get what it needs to evolve and maintain this form of communication.
I believe that we all have to gain if we learn to give and receive feedback with this quality, so “nutritious”.
See how he explains it in the final part of this video (30:21).
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