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Mindfulness Fitness - Your Mind Gym Is Open 24/7, Get In

Zen Breaks
Mindfulness Fitness - Your Mind Gym Is Open 24/7, Get In
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ZEN BREAKS 30 - Do you work out? Body or Mind?

97. Mindfulness Is Like Physical Fitness
What is Mindfulness?
What is Mindfulness?
Ben Butrina makes an interesting comparison between exercising in a gym and practicing meditation.
The same way we go to the gym to develop some of the body’s abilities:
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
We can also practice meditation to develop similar mindfulness skills:
  • Concentration
  • Sensory Clarity
  • Equanimity
He also reminds us of a common objective of these practices:
“Most people don’t go to the gym so that they can be better in the gym. They do it to improve their everyday lives outside the gym likewise.
We don’t meditate to become better meditators. We meditate to improve our everyday lives when we’re not meditating.”
98. Meditation Goal Is Not to Remove Thoughts
 Gelong Thubten, Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery
Gelong Thubten, Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery
Many people expect meditation can remove their thoughts and feelings. That’s not how it works and that is not the objective, as Gelong Thubten explains:
“(…) what we do in meditation is we use exercises to focus the mind on the present moment. We might use our breathing, we might use physical sensations, sounds, visual objects visualizations. There are many techniques, you choose one and you focus”.
And when thoughts come and take us away?
That is just the time to practice:
“We learn to train the mind, so what does that involve it involves focusing. So maybe you’re focusing on your breathing or sound or something like that and then the mind is thinking, the mind is wandering, and you learn to capture it.
It’s like capturing and bringing it back very gently, just capture the awareness and bring it back to the present moment, and then it floats off again and then you bring it back and then it floats off again and you bring it back.”
99. Create a Daily Mindfulness Practice
Gelong Thubten  explains how to do it
Gelong Thubten explains how to do it
Gelong Thubten tell us how to develop a daily mindfulness practice, and how to integrate it into our daily life, at work and at home. 
He explains some techniques to do it and then guides us on a short breath guided meditation using 5 simple steps:
  • Step 1 - Motivation
  • Step 2 - The body
  • Step 3 - The breath 
  • Step 4 - The body
  • Step 5 - Motivation
A good structure you can use while you increase the time you practice.
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"How To Be Calmer" eBooks
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Thank you for sharing this moment. Remember that a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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