Look Carefully | Confusion or Preparation? | A Magic Trick | Nobody Can Hurt You


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Zen Breaks
Look Carefully | Confusion or Preparation? | A Magic Trick | Nobody Can Hurt You
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Hi, it’s Tuesday again, let’s take a Break together?

27. Look Carefully
The Professor
The Professor
If we slow down when we look at things, we will be able to see much more good in our lives.
28. Confusion or Preparation?
Something amazing is happening when you feel lost in the middle of the confusion: you are growing.
“Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening. We may feel hostile or angry or weepy and hysterical, or we may feel depressed.
It would never occur to us, unless we stumbled on a book or a person who explained to us, that we were in fact in the process of change, of actually becoming larger, spiritually, than we were before.
Whenever we grow, we tend to feel it, as a young seed must feel the weight and inertia of the earth as it seeks to break out of its shell on its way to becoming a plant. Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. But what is most unpleasant is the not knowing what is happening.
Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability, a new level of the personality is about to be revealed.”
― Alice Walker, Living by the Word. Source: GoodReads.com
29. Wanna See a Magic Trick?
We all need someone to remind us that we are…
30. Nobody Can Hurt You
Stoic flowchart created by Jon Brooks | stoichandbook.co
Stoic flowchart created by Jon Brooks | stoichandbook.co
Sometimes it just takes a small action to gets us emotionally triggered and to make us feel like someone is hurting us.
Stoicism has very practical principles that can can help us manage this type of situation and prevent us from feeling hurt and angry.
Jon Brooks explains it clearly in this interesting article: “Only Our Beliefs Can Harm Us”.
Let’s meet again next Tuesday?
Let’s meet again next Tuesday?
Thank you for sharing this moment.
Reminder: a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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