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Letting Go - with a good laugh

Zen Breaks
Letting Go - with a good laugh
By Zen Breaks • Issue #65 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 65 - Why resi

“Only keep one thing: the present moment, what’s happening now. That becomes the first way of letting go”. Ajahn Brahm
149. Enjoy more, think less
Four Ways of Letting Go | Ajahn Brahm
Four Ways of Letting Go | Ajahn Brahm
With his very special style - full of humor and enlightening stories - Ajahn Brahm explains us Four Ways of Letting Go.
If you decide to listen to him, I warn you that several serious things may happen to you.
- laugh a lot
- understand how you can free yourself from many situations
- have several moments of clarity
- feel like listening to more Friday Talks with him
“Every moment of your life you’re exhausted, you feel exhausted in your mind because you’ve been carrying too many things in the backpack around your mind.
So we actually look in that backpack what can i throw away and this is the first way of letting go”
Don’t resist and you will discover how so much wisdom can be transmitted through stories.
And yet how a good laugh can help us learn.
“(…) and letting go of all this stupid thinking we do not only the negative thinking but even some of the positive thinking, because we think far too much and that stops us of getting any peace in life.
Whenever you’re thinking about life you can’t enjoy life
You’re just listening to the commentary, you’re reading a book about life, the thoughts and ideas in your mind, you’re not really enjoying the real thing”.
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