Let’s Go Slower


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Zen Breaks
Let’s Go Slower
By Zen Breaks • Issue #76 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 76 - Arriving at each step

“In the space between moments we can find ourselves” - Zen Michael
160. Slowing down
Without hurry,
and without running.
Without the urge to arrive.
Just one step.
One step at a time.
feeling the body,
and accepting the mind.
feeling the movement,
and enjoying the stillness.
Without any certainty.
Or with the certainty that these do not exist.
With confidence in uncertainty,
accepting what may come,
willing to learn from it.
Just looking.
Watching what passes for us,
watching us as we pass.
Slowly everything becomes different,
or is seen differently.
Let’s go slower,
to see more.
With enough time to find the space.
The space between things,
the space between moments,
the space in which we find ourselves.
Let’s go slower.
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How to support this project
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