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Learning to Handle the Winters

Zen Breaks
Learning to Handle the Winters
By Zen Breaks • Issue #67 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 67- Change yourself

“The biggest thing holding you back is you. Start there.” - Hunter Post
151. Changing Your Mindset
Jim Rohn: The Mindset And Attitude Of Thinking Wealthy
Jim Rohn: The Mindset And Attitude Of Thinking Wealthy
The way we see things changes everything.
In both the professional and the personal parts of our lives, the mindset we adopt is the key point.
In one part of this talk, Jim Rohn explains it in a way that struck me as both simple and brilliant: comparing life to the changing of the seasons.
“ Learn how to handle the winters”
“(..) they come right after Falls,
with regularity,
some are long and some are short,
and some are hard and some are easy,
but they keep coming.
You must learn to handle the nights,
they come right after days,
you must learn to handle difficulty,
it comes right after opportunity,
you must learn to handle recessions,
they always follow progressions.
"You cannot change the seasons,
but you can change yourself”
Don’t wish for less problems,
wish for more skills.
Don’t wish for less challenges,
wish for more wisdom, that’s the key.“
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