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Happy Endings | Giving | Life Is Not a Journey | Arvo Pärt

Zen Breaks
Happy Endings | Giving | Life Is Not a Journey | Arvo Pärt
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Hi, it’s Tuesday again, let’s take a Break together?

11. A Happy Ending Is a Good Start
“The way we end something shapes the way the next thing begins. ” - Frank Ostaseski.
At the end of last week, I got this quote in my email, by chance.
I wondered if it would have happened by chance…
The past week has been emotionally intense and fulfilling for me. As it was also the end of a cycle in my life, it seemed almost on purpose to receive this quote, almost as if someone was aligning the events.
I found this phrase very interesting. Perhaps a little exaggerated: I believe that the way we end something will not be so decisive in the way we start what follows.
Of course it will certainly have an influence on that. Above all, due to the state of mind in which the previous situation leaves us and which will put us more, or less, motivated, to start the next step.
However, the next step will always depend on us and we can always choose how and when we want to take it.
At the end of a week full of attention from friends and colleagues, I feel that this phase of my life ended in a very special and beautiful way.
I thank everyone who filled my heart with their generosity and attention.
12. Thanks for Giving
I also would like to thank everyone who offers their attention to others every day.
We don’t always notice that. We are not always open-minded enough to be able to notice it, to see and receive everything that others give us.
If we are more attentive, we can learn to know how to receive more and better.
With that attention and availability, we will also learn to know how to give better.
Our joy is also built on the joy we give to others.
Giving is a wonderful way to receive.
13. Life Is Not a Journey
Life is NOT a Journey
Life is NOT a Journey
Life is not a series of logical steps, despite our effort to counter nature and to behave as if it were so.
We think of life as if it were a journey that we have to organize, as if it were a pre-defined path to reach, in the end, the desired goal.
Perhaps we can question this idea.
Perhaps we can think of looking at life more as a fun and joyful dance, as something that we can enjoy, and not as a path to a destination.
That way, we can enjoy the travel. We can take the opportunity to feel what is good and what is unexpected, what is life.
14. Arvo Pärt : Spiegel im Spiegel
Arvo Pärt  - Spiegel im Spiegel
Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel
When you feel you need a break, try listening to this song.
You may feel as if you are taking a shower of… calm.
Thanks for sharing it, David.
Let’s meet again next Tuesday?
Let’s meet again next Tuesday?
Thank you for sharing this and many other moments, my friends.
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