Empathy | Plum Village Choir | NonViolent Communication | Forgiveness


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Zen Breaks
Empathy | Plum Village Choir | NonViolent Communication | Forgiveness
By Zen Breaks • Issue #13 • View online
Hi, it’s Tuesday again, let’s take a Break!

46. Empathy, Why and How
The Importance of Empathy
The Importance of Empathy
You live in a different reality from the person next to you.
The only way we can try to share the same reality is to put ourselves in the shoes of others.
Empathy is a tool to share the same reality. Learn how to use it.
47. Plum Village Choir
Be Calmer — Listening to Plum Village Choir
48. NonViolent Communication
 Animated Book Summary
Animated Book Summary
True communication is not about convincing people, it’s about creating a connection with us and with others.
In the book “NonViolent Communication” Marshal Rosenberg express his belief that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and empathy.
There are ways we can learn (and practice) to recognize the needs of others and to use that knowledge to communicate effectively with the people surrounding us.
49. The Mother Who Saved Her Own Child’s Murderer
Jack Kornfield: The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness
Jack Kornfield: The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness
Is there a limit to what we can forgive?
If you think so, after hearing this extraordinary story told by Jack Kornfield, you may have to recognize that the power of human compassion is infinite…
“Forgiveness is, in particular, the capacity to let go, to release the suffering, the sorrows, the burdens of the pains and betrayals of the past, and instead to choose the mystery of love.”
You can also read this extraordinary story on DailyGood.org
Thank you for sharing this moment.
Reminder: a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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