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Emotions Are a Gift - Do You Accept It?

Zen Breaks
Emotions Are a Gift - Do You Accept It?
By Zen Breaks • Issue #47 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 47 - “Awareness is often the medicine” we need

The way you treat me is your path, the way I react is mine.” - Wayne Dyer
130. Understanding our emotions
The Gift of Emotion
The Gift of Emotion
Emotions are a touchy subject for most of us.
They are the ones who give flavor to our lives, even if that flavor is sometimes bitter.
Given the role that emotion plays in our lives, we should probably pay more attention to it, dedicate more time to what we feel, investigate why we feel the way we feel about ourselves and others.
Unfortunately, this is a path that, for many of us, is still in its infancy.
As Craig says in this magnificent video that I recommend you today:
“I wish that we had been taught what emotions are and how to work with them”.
Recognizing our emotions is not an option, because, as he adds, if we refuse to see them, we will pay the price for that refusal.
“I know that’s the way… you have to feel.
As soon as you’re running from the feelings, you’re just setting up this slow suffering process.
Because what happens is that when I’m angry and I don’t know why, it turns into a toxic energy towards myself ultimately.”
This recognition of our emotions can also be the best way to deal with them.
“What I find now is that awareness is often the medicine.
There needs to be some kind of a listening process.
And you have to give that to yourself.
If it means somehow, anyhow, giving yourself the gift of time, to go and reflect and really, really listen.
Really be honest with myself…
OK, why am I feeling these feelings?
Really investigate into these feelings.
There is some sort of a message coming to me.
I might not know what it is yet
but let me spend some time.”
This investigation will generate a change in the emotions themselves, whose qualities change due to the attention we dedicate to them. The same is true of Craig concerning the anger that previously tormented him in a much more intense way.
“Nowadays the anger is like this clean blazing fire that I can feel.
I’m not ashamed of it.
I’m very weary and respectful of it.
I don’t want to burn others. I don’t want to burn myself.
And there’s definitely been a cooling of it in some way.
I’ve tempered it through a lens of compassion.
And damaged that people do damage when they have been.
People cause suffering when they are suffering.”
Compassion for everyone, including ourselves, can be is a way to gain a broader, deeper and more rewarding understanding.
“But if I find that compassion for others, I’m also finding it for myself.
So ultimately my joy in life and my happiness is related to how much compassion I have for me and for others.
And the two go hand in hand.
The more gentle, loving, kind I am to myself, the more I am able to be that for others.
And the more I am that to others, the more I find myself willing to feel that I deserve it as well.”
I invite you to watch this video, it’s really a very special one. Another excellent work by the team at the Green Renaissance channel that helps us learn how to be happier, how to get to know each other better and to remember what is important, in the here and now.
“It really is being able at any moment, no matter where you are…
downhill, uphill, in the valley, on the plains…
remembering what it’s like to be on top of the mountain.
I’m happy where I am.
I’m glad for what I have here and all around.
I’m loving life, for sure.”
Thank you Green Renaissance for another great video.
Thanks Craig for sharing this amazing lesson about emotions.
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