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"Doing" Is Only Half of You

Zen Breaks
"Doing" Is Only Half of You
By Zen Breaks • Issue #53 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 53 - Eckhart Tolle explains it better

“"It’s all a journey, but if you are excessively focused on the destination then you miss 99% of your life.” - Eckhart Tolle
137. Don't forget "Being"
DOING, doing, doing
Isn’t this what we spend most of our time with?
With things we need to do and with all the others. 
The others that are often things we look for just to fill a void.
An emptiness, or something we think is empty, something we don’t know how to deal with. 
That’s why we try to fill any empty moment.
We try to fill any moment and silence that bothers us.
Why does it bother us?
Perhaps because it is in those moments that we are closest to ourselves.
As we don’t know how to deal with this closeness, we look for an escape or distraction.
We fled into confusion. 
The confusion that becomes familiar and, for that very reason, gives us a sense of some security, of some belonging.
However, we are more than the things we do.
We are more than what we think
We are much more than what we DO.
BEING is another dimension of ourselves.
An essential dimension.
A dimension we forget about.
A dimension that, consciously or unconsciously, we run away from.
If we try to embrace this dimension, a lot can change.
If we try to be more in touch with us.
If we can only experience silence from time to time…
Experience an “empty” moment, a moment that you do not have to fill with words, with opinions, with judgment, with many “buts” and “ifs”.
Let’s try to BE more, at least once in a while. With this contact with our other dimension, even our doing can gain new qualities.
We don’t need to fill every moment. Being is always present, we just have to notice it.
Special Teaching on Being and Doing
Special Teaching on Being and Doing
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