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Do You Know Your Fascia System?

Zen Breaks
Do You Know Your Fascia System?
By Zen Breaks • Issue #60 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 60 - Take a look inside your body to discover its role

“Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you.”
144. Understanding the importance of Fascia
Mary Bond | Talks at Google
Mary Bond | Talks at Google
Mary Bond is the author of the book “The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World”.
Her teacher was Ida Rolf, who developed a manual therapy she called structural integration, also known as “Rolfing”.
Ida Rolf was the first to recognize the importance of connective tissue, what we now call fascia
In this talk at Google, Mary Bond talks about her view of the body as an imbalanced structure that needs creative movement to improve and contribute to heath.
She also explores the role of fascia in our body and its role in allowing us to understand what it’s happening inside our bodies.
Understanding the fascia system can help you to comprehend how you can, and should, improve the way you move and stand, and also how fascia gives you information about what is happening inside your body.
The interoceptors, one of the nerve sensors in the fascia have a major role in transmitting that information.
Developing our capacity to feel our body can help us to catch the emotions the moments they are starting to manifest in our body.  
That capacity can allow us to see its first manifestations and, in real time, choose how to respond to that emotion / situation.
Some of the images and videos of living fascia she reveals are impressive and will allow you to understand its role.
Take a look at the minute 15:20 to see what is happening inside the fascia of your forearm when you make a pinch of skin with your finger pads:
The New Rules Of Posture: How To Sit, Stand and Walk | Mary Bond | Talks at Google
The New Rules Of Posture: How To Sit, Stand and Walk | Mary Bond | Talks at Google
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