Change: “After You?” No, “You Go First!” Don’t Resist It


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Zen Breaks
Change: “After You?” No, “You Go First!” Don’t Resist It
By Zen Breaks • Issue #22 • View online
Understand how and why we can embrace CHANGE as it is: natural.

75. Be the Change You Want to See
Be the Change
Be the Change
Don’t spend time trying to change other people.
Change yourself and they will follow you.
Changing yourself is also the only change you can really control, as this great video of the School of Life shows.
76. Have I the Courage to Change?
Sia - Courage To Change
Sia - Courage To Change
More than a piece of music to listen to, this is a lyric to read, feel, and think about.
One suggestion: listen to it every day for one week and see if you feel more comfortable with the idea of making changes in your life - you may have a good surprise.
Thanks David for sharing it.
“World, I want to leave you better
I want my life to matter
I am afraid I have no purpose here
(…) Have I the courage to change?
Have I the courage to change today?”
Sia - Courage To Change
77. Why Do We Resist Change?
Alan Watts  - Understand Change
Alan Watts - Understand Change
Why do we say we want to change and resist it?
Mostly because we don’t understand it as something that is always happening, something that is a natural component of our world.
If we understand the idea of the world as being in flux, with change in its nature, we can stop resisting it, stop suffering, and admire how beautiful is the fact that things are always changing.
Listen to how Alan Watts beautifully explains it. 10 minutes to accept change in your life - this is a good investment, right?
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