Allow Your Mind to Be Surprised, More Often


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Zen Breaks
Allow Your Mind to Be Surprised, More Often
By Zen Breaks • Issue #42 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 42 - Explore the relaxation potential of your senses

In one minute, you can condition your mind to think differently about your situation, to break the existing condition that is limiting you.” ― Itayi Garande, Reconditioning: Change your life in one minute
124. Relax in a Blooming Zen Garden
Geometry in organic shapes
Geometry in organic shapes
Sometimes we need a little help to stop and calm down.
Watching a video in which we are surprised in a creative and calm way can be one of the resources to use in those moments.
Watching the creation of one of Yukikawae’s works can be a different and relaxing option.
Try it and discover how it makes you feel.
Zen garden - Pattern explorations II
Zen garden - Pattern explorations II
125. Create a Savoring Practice
Learning to really enjoy something we drink or eat every day is a simple way to reduce stress.
With this simple habit we can:
  • create a moment of pause and quality in each day
  • break the rhythm of acceleration or stress that is trying to take over us
  • reconnect with the positive aspects of the day
  • awaken the feeling of gratitude in us.
This article Psychology Today that we recommend below explains in an excellent way all the power of this simple change that is available to all of us.
A simple habit can create a big shift in our mindset. Read this story here:
One Way to Make a Better Day: Start a Savoring Practice | Psychology Today
"Positive Words" Personal Journal
"Positive Words" Personal Journal
Positive Words Journal: One Positive Word a Day Journal. A Notebook Journal for a Happy Life (Get to Know Yourself Journals)
"How To Be Calmer" eBooks
"How To Be Calmer" eBooks
“How To Calm Down” eBooks series - simple and practical ways to reduce stress in you daily life, by Zen Michael.
Thank you for sharing this moment. Remember that a few Breaks everyday keeps the stress away. Practice it.
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