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6 Months of Qi Gong, My Experience

Zen Breaks
6 Months of Qi Gong, My Experience
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“Qi Gong is a jewel that has many facets.” - Ken Cohen
139. My (good) experience
I recently celebrated my first 6 months of regular Qi Gong practice and it seemed like a good time to celebrate and also to reflect on this experience.
The Practice
I have been formally training twice a week in hour-long classes led by an excellent certified Qi Gong instructor.
In addition to these classes, I have tried to train alone on other days as well, at least a few minutes almost every day, repeating exercises I learned in class or following some videos available online.
The Results
The aspects in which I felt the most impact are:
1- Posture
I feel that I have a better posture, in general. Both when I am walking and when I am standing, I feel that my back is straighter, I am hunched over and exert less. 
I have a feeling of being taller, probably as a result of this better posture.
According to the measurements I’ve been doing over these months, I managed to “gain” 2 centimeters in height. In fact, it will probably have been more to recover than to win. The many years of bad posture, of being badly seated for long hours at the computer and of not exercising must have made me shrink that two centimeters that I have now managed to regain.
2 - Strength / resistance
I have a feeling of more strength and greater resistance. I feel my body is more solid and united, more capable of withstanding efforts that used to cost a lot to carry out.
3- Balance
In my day-to-day activities, I feel my body is more balanced. I feel that I walk in a more robust, more solid way, as if I had a greater connection to the earth, a better support.
4 - Tranquility
I feel more tranquility and calm, I am less affected by my stress and the stress of others.
5 - Willingness to help
I feel more willing to help others and I feel greater contentment when I can do it.
6 - Spread this art
In the first weeks after starting Qi Gong classes, when I was going for a walk to a garden and felt like doing some exercises, I didn’t feel very comfortable doing it. 
As it is not a very well-known sport, I was a little afraid of the way people found what I was doing strange.
Gradually, this feeling changed and now I feel free to do so. I even take pleasure in arousing people’s curiosity about what I’m doing, I’m happy when I hear a child watching me and asking their parents “What is that gentleman doing?”. 
If I had been lucky enough to see someone practicing a few years ago, perhaps I would have tried Qi Gong earlier and started to benefit from this art earlier.
Maybe you can sow a curiosity in someone that leads them to improve their life, it would be great to be able to help someone in that way.
7- Appreciation for nature
Our Qi Gong classes take place outdoors, in a garden.
Perhaps also for this reason, I feel that I appreciate more and more the beauty of nature and the space where we practice.
From the beauty of the trees and plants, to the movements and sounds of the animals that inhabit the space where we train and that sometimes seem to come to visit and observe us while we practice Qi Gong exercises.
To Be Continued…
Overall, the practice of Qi Gong has been very beneficial for me and I am very grateful to have had the good fortune/opportunity to attend these classes. 
This practice seems an excellent way to promote my physical and mental well-being.
Six months later, my intention/desire is to continue practicing and I recommend everyone to give Qi Gong a try.
Whenever possible, it will be better to do so with the help of a qualified instructor as he will be able to choose the order / route of the movements to be carried out and make some adaptation to any particular situation or physical problem we may have.
If that is not possible, maybe even repeating some gentler exercises with the support of a video or or book can be beneficial, both for the body and for the mind.
For safety, whenever someone has a physical problem or illness, it’s best to speak to their doctor before starting this practice.
Precious Helps
I thank David and my colleagues at Programa Vida for planting the seed / interest in these slower and more focused exercise practices in the development of somatic awareness.
I thank Isabel, the excellent instructor who is teaching me.
I thank Lucinda, my Qi Gong class partner who helps me learn.
I thank myself for the persistence in continuing with this practice. 
It’s been 6 (good) months of Qi Gong - let’s continue, calmly and joyfully!
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