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6,000 Followers on Medium - Thank You All So Much

Zen Breaks
6,000 Followers on Medium - Thank You All So Much
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ZEN BREAKS 75 - Success is not measured by comparison with others

Remember you can always find peace and joy — just look inside yourself.” - Zen Michael
159. Overcoming the fear of change
When we think about sharing something more personal or profound, the first challenge is to overcome fear.
The voice of fear
There is something that seems to want to arrest us and that mentally tells us that “it will be better not to do this”, that “it will not go well”, and that “if it was worth it, someone would have already done it”.
If we can be aware of this pattern of our thinking and change our attitude to break this barrier, we will probably find…. more fears and fears :-)
With each new step, more behavior patterns are challenged by our attitude change. Our habits and thoughts try to trap us using comparison techniques.
Some inner voices may say “and now, you’ve done that and still nothing has changed”, “you better stop as soon as possible”, “if you still haven’t had any success, stop”, “if it’s taking so long, it shouldn’t be worth it”.
It is often like this when we propose to embrace a new challenge, or a new project, be it big or small.
Our mind, often with the “good intention” of protecting us, tries to stop us and demotivate us.
My journey on Medium and Zen Breaks
This description tries to explain a little what I was feeling as I decided to start writing on and especially with the Zen Breaks newsletter project that I started a year ago and that I also share on this platform.
Everything evolved very slowly and many times I thought that it wasn’t worth continuing because I didn’t get great signs that I could be doing something worthwhile, something that could help (myself and others) to evolve, to live better…
However, as the mindfulness teachings so well teach us, everything is a process and a process in which practice is the key element.
Success is not measured by comparison with others
The measure of a project’s success is not obtained by comparing it with others.
Likewise, our evolution cannot be measured by comparison with others.
We are different from each other and so are our projects.
As someone said, it makes more sense to measure the success of a project by our evolution.
How were we when we started it? How are we now?
If we now feel more at peace and harmony with ourselves, more in tune with the process that is life, then it has been a success!
If we can help some people along this path, then it was a huge success!
6,000 thanks
As I celebrate 6,000 followers on, I hope this means that I managed to somehow help some people through the ideas, thoughts and emotions I shared.
I hope that the teachings I have been learning and sharing in the last year about Mindfulness have helped you. If in some moments I helped you to find some calm, peace, and joy, then it was worth it!
Thank you very much to everyone who helped to reach this number of 6,000 followers. I also thank Medium for creating the possibility of this sharing space.
Thank you all so much, I wish you peace and joy.
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How to support this project
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