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30m Meditation With Jack Kornfield

Zen Breaks
30m Meditation With Jack Kornfield
By Zen Breaks • Issue #81 • View online
ZEN BREAKS 81 - Embracing calm

“When we take time to quiet ourselves, we can all sense that our life could be lived with greater compassion and greater weakness.” - Jack Kornfield, Meditation for Beginners
165. Experiencing the Now
Accepting the experience of the present moment.
Can we allow ourselves to stop, sit and relax?
That seems simple, and in reality, it is, but without frequent practice, it can be difficult to access our inner peace.
A pleasant guided meditation can be an excellent support for that. It can be a friendly hand that accompanies us on this path, that helps us to slow down.
If we have the help of a familiar voice, everything becomes even easier, it is easier to let go of resistance that we may feel.
This familiar voice can invoke in us memories and feelings of calm, compassion, and good cheer.
In my case, Jack Kornfield’s words and voice manage to have that calming effect.
The fact that I’ve already heard him in some talks and editions of his podcast “Heart Wisdom” probably helps. 
However, I think there’s something more involved.
Something else that:
  • he manages to convey to us
  • that moves towards the curiosity and acceptance of the present moment
  • helps us adopt a posture of relaxation.
I invite you to listen to this 30m meditation conducted by Jack Kornfield (Here & Now Meditation - Heart Wisdom Ep. 156).
Let it take you to whatever the present moment wants to offer.
Jack Kornfield: Here & Now Meditation
Jack Kornfield: Here & Now Meditation
“Who are you?
When you look deeply,
won’t find anything.
There are thoughts and feelings,
that come and go.
What there is,
is this remarkable awareness,
loving awareness,
that knows them all.
Rest in it.
Relax into it.
It is your home”.
How did you feel during this meditation?
How did you feel after this meditation?
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How to support this project
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