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A weekly newsletter that inspires you to create moments of calm, joy, and peace in your daily life. Reduce stress, be more creative and live more in the present moment. Subscribe and share with your friends.

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Stay up to date, be part of a community and show your support.






Can Meditation Help Us to Solve the Problems of Climate Change?

Two Zen monks from Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village Community explain how they participated and helped negotiators during the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, held November 1-12, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.A good example of how these techniques can…


Mindfulness Is a Way of Being

What do you get for helping others? We may not get a lot of money for it, but we can get far more valuable rewards.


To Grow Mindfulness Practice Paying Attention

Shauna Shapiro uses modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to demonstrate how mindfulness can change the way we live and create positive changes in our brains. "Research from Harvard shows the mind wanders on average 47 percent of the time 47 percent that's a…


Mindfulness Recipe: Add 9 Attitudes, a Little Zen, Some Humor and MIX Slowly

Mindfulness is a conscious way of experiencing the world, internal and external, being present to what is happening.Jon Kabat-Zinn explains 9 core attitudes that can help us maintain this observant presence:Beginner’s mindNon-judgingAcceptanceLetting GoTrustP…


Create and Change Your Life - Use the Power of "Small" Choices

This week I bring you only one very special suggestion, one Ted Talk that you probably will never forget.In a very special way, Caroline Myss explains how we shape our life with our small choices, many times without knowing what we are doing.She shows that th…


Your Purpose? "It's not about fitting in. It's about finding your own path"

Listening to someone sharing their life purpose with the impression that they have really found their purpose and are living up to it is very different from just hearing about theory on this important topic.This amazing video from the "Green Renaissance" team…


Let’s Kill Romanticism in 5 minutes. Then, We Can Love!

This video of School of Life shows how Romanticism has been affecting us in many more ways than we realize - and has been a disaster factor for relationships.Maybe we need to question the expectations about love that our culture is promoting to be able to acc…


Change: “After You?” No, “You Go First!” Don’t Resist It

Don't spend time trying to change other people.Change yourself and they will follow you.Changing yourself is also the only change you can really control, as this great video of the School of Life shows.


Why Do We Eat Too Much? | Repeat to Learn | Be Kind to Feel Happier

Frequently, diets don't work because they are related to the main cause of obesity.In many cases, obesity has nothing to do with food, it is a manifestation of our emotional malnutrition. Feeling more connected and understood can be the real diet we need to d…


Inner Child: Start Healing, Guided Meditation and Past Trauma

Nicola Perry explain how to start healing the inner child, a process she broke it down into two main steps:the first step is to accept an honor that you have in your child the second step is beginning to cultivate a "wise inner parent"This video is a short an…


How to BE a Friend: To Yourself, to Others, to Those Who Suffer

It's shocking how easily we can lose sight of all our good points, when troubles strike.Yet, when that happens to a friend, we are THERE to help them.Let's try to be HERE when we also need help?Let's BE kind and sympathetic to ourselves?


How to Use Money to Be Happier | Enter the NOW | Slow Down to Go Faster

Can money buy happiness? Probably not.Can we use money to increase our happiness? Probably we can.A recent study reveals 3 ways we can use the money to increase our wellbeing:Buying experiencesBuying things to othersBuying timeJoshua Becker explains how these…


45 Ways to Reduce Stress - Choose Your Favorite One And... Practice

The secret to creating a self-care routine is to start simple. In this video, you will find 20 self-care tips to de-stress and relax.Choose one or more that you like and start practicing it with focus to get the best result as Vera, from Simple Happy Zen, exp…


Try Listening to Others, to Yourself and to Silence, with Empathy

See how this little girl comforted her mother after hearing her parents fight. The little ones can give us great lessons. May we be able to hear them with our hearts.


"Slow Down" | "Human: The World Within" | NVC Workshop | Interoception: Faster Than the Mind

A beautiful song and a good advice for when we feel restless.The first video is an interpretation in the beautiful voice of Sissel Kyrkjebø, the second is the original version, by Chuck Girard.


Unpredictable Flow | NVC Main Aspects | Circle of Compassion | Learning to Listen

Trying to go along with things when something goes "wrong" - instead of fighting against it - can turn a "failure" into something new and interesting.Remaining calm and going with the flow can have amazing results in unpredictable circumstances, as Eliane Rod…


Empathy | Plum Village Choir | NonViolent Communication | Forgiveness

You live in a different reality from the person next to you.The only way we can try to share the same reality is to put ourselves in the shoes of others.Empathy is a tool to share the same reality. Learn how to use it.


"AMA" | Best Friend | Change Your Brain | Simplicity | Love Of Oneself

Art seems to have the power to stop our fast-paced thinking.When we see something original and creative, it's harder to get dragged into the habit of quickly finding adjectives to classify and categorize it.It's easier to enjoy the moment.This movie, "AMA" ha…


Mindfulness | True Self | Optimism | Maturity | Self-Confidence

A simple definition of mindfulness:"Mindfulness is the ability to know what's happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it."Seems too simple to be important? Check the video for some real examples.


"5 Chairs, 5 Choices" | Unusual Friendship | Stress Bucket | Authenticity and Respect

This presentation allow us to:understand the behaviors we have and that we don't notice.realize that we have choices, we can react differently to the same situation.realize that we can change our behaviors, we can change and improve.A remarkable presentation …